#FeatureFriday – Get the Design Details of the Black & White Collection

What’s black and white and oh-so-stunning?! The Black & White Collection of course! #FeatureFriday is here, and have we got a great feature for you. This stunning black and white scrapbook collection was designed to celebrate life’s experiences, from the milestones to everyday moments. Let’s get the design details from our Product Designer Carrie – shared in her own words!


What Inspired This Collection?

“This collection was inspired by New Year’s, wedding & graduation themes and how to make a collection that works for all types of celebrations.”


How Would You Describe the Palette?

“I would describe the color palette as simply black & white.”

How Would You Describe the Papers?

“The papers were inspired by bold, simple and modern patterns that are universal in nature. From florals to basic geometric designs that can all coordinate together.”


What is Unique About the Collection?

“The color palette is unique as it’s only blacks and whites. The Album Cover is also unique because we are using a new cloth color (white) with stitching which is a new type of element we’ve never launched before.”


What Do You Envision This Collection Being Used For?

“I see this collection being used for wedding, graduation, New Year’s or any type of celebration! Since the papers and artwork are general and not themed in any way, the Black & White collection can easily be paired with any of our collections.”
Black & White will bring a classy, sassy feel to your scrapbook layouts and projects. You’ll love it for birthdays and graduations, weddings, retirement celebrations, everyday life and more. Comment below and tell us what you think of this fabulous collection!

2 thoughts on “#FeatureFriday – Get the Design Details of the Black & White Collection

  1. Very versatile and love the simple patterns. There were only two I wasn’t fond of and found to be overwhelming: the black brushstroke on white, and the geometric pattern. The geometric at first played with my eyes but I could see maybe breaking it up but with mats and overlays.

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