#FeatureFriday – The Fanatic Sports Scrapbook Collection & Home Office Memories

The Fanatic collection is the dream of both sports- and scrapbook-lovers combined. It doesn’t matter how big of a fan you are — anyone can enjoy this sports and tailgate themed scrapbook collection. But, how did we go about designing it? And what was the inspiration that went into creating it? We sat down with Product Designer Tara to get the details, and also talked with some of our Home Office staff to figure out how their sports memories and experiences played into the production of this sports-themed scrapbook collection.

The Inspiration

The inspiration behind the Fanatic collection is pretty clear: it’s all centered around gameday fun. Product Designer Tara drew from many past tailgates when coming up with how she wanted this collection to look and feel. She wanted the collection to evoke the same feelings of togetherness and happiness that come with getting together to rally behind your favorite team and have it be something that both casual and hardcore sports fans could relate to. At the end of the day, it’s all about having a good time enjoying good food and drinks with the people you care about.


What makes this collection so unique is that you can relate almost every paper to almost any sport. Whether you’re an athlete yourself, a fan of the game, a tailgate devotee or you just like spending time outside, Fanatic has something in it for you. The palette utilizes colors such as concrete, charcoal, vintage blue, dark green, mustard gold and brick red, which all go together to create a great outdoorsy aesthetic that will help you create a great album, regardless of what sport or event you’re celebrating.

Tara suggests that Fanatic is great for tailgates, BBQs, picnics, outdoor events, parties for the big game, camping, school, boys, dads and anything else that it reminds you of!


Home Office’s Favorite Sports Memories

Since the Fanatic collection is sports themed, we thought it would be a fun idea to ask members of our Home Office family: “What’s your favorite sports memory?” We loved the answers that we got and were even a little surprised by some of the athletic history of some of our staff!


“Watching the 2017 Vikings NFC Divisional playoff game and then purchasing tickets to the NFC Championship in Philadelphia with my best friend (only to have MN pro sports do what they do best — crush our dreams).” – Tara

“For a hockey mom, that’s an easy one: getting a “Hi Mom!” on the Jumbotron from the Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament… seen across Minnesota, in all 50 states and in 38 countries! And related, making the highlight reel for the All Hockey Hair Team. So fun!” – Marnie

“One of my favorite sports memories is getting to go to the Vikings vs. Packers football game last year with my family. We had jerseys made with our favorite team and the number 80 on them to celebrate my grandpa’s 80th birthday. We had great seats and seeing U.S. Bank Stadium for the first time was incredible!” – Kelsey


“My best sports memory is catching a touchdown pass in my senior year during the homecoming game. I had never caught a pass during a varsity game in my life (believe it or not, I wasn’t very good).” – Mat


“My husband and I became huge Minnesota Vikings fans when we lived in Las Vegas. Most games weren’t televised down there, so we had to go to a Vikings bar called The Blue Ox to watch the games, most of which started at 10am on Sundays (so we had to catch the early church service!). We LOVED the camaraderie there. Now that we’re back in Minnesota, we love doing family get-togethers to watch the Vikings. Everyone brings football favorite snacks like tater tot hot dish, ham and pickle dip and things to grill. We even have a family brick at the new U.S. Bank Stadium!” – Brittany

“My favorite memory is being a professional cheerleader in the ’80s with the Ottawa Rough Riders (now called the Red Blacks) in the Canadian Football League. It took me six years of auditions to make the team, and I mostly did a lot of different dancing, pictures, newspaper articles, promotions and parades. I made amazing friendships that I still hold to this day. It all started with my huge love for football that began when my dad took me to games when I was 12. Don’t judge the hair — it was a thing!” – Sandra

“Going to the Green Bay Packers game with my sister and husband! We took a tour of Lambeau Field, the Hall of Fame, we tailgated and watched a great Packers/Vikings game… in January.” – Rachel

“During the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, a friend scored some free tickets and took me to watch some of the Women’s Hockey matches. We watched Netherlands vs New Zealand and Australia vs Argentina. Australia won their first match. Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi! I also remember watching Cathy Freeman win her 400-meter race on the big screen at Circulay Quay in a massive crowd of super excited people. The buzz in the city during the 2000 Summer Olympics was totally electrifying.” – Kelly

Sports are a great example of how people from different backgrounds can all come together and celebrate something, even if it’s just for a day. What’s your favorite sports memory? Comment below!

8 thoughts on “#FeatureFriday – The Fanatic Sports Scrapbook Collection & Home Office Memories

  1. Besides watching my daughters playing volleyball and softball in high school, one of my other favorite sports memories was when we went to the Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos football game in Oakland for my 41st Birthday (which was during Veterans Day weekend). I am a Broncos fan and my young nephew was a Raiders fan – so we were a little competitive. The other memorable thing about that game was we got to watch some of my husband’s Army recruiters and their recruits hold the big flag on the field during the National Anthem. It was beautiful!

  2. When I first saw the Fanatic album, what came to mind was that it would make a terrific senior-year/graduation album, with or without a sports connection. Perfect for someone in the drama or finearts program, too.

  3. I am the least sports minded person you can find, but I was lucky to attend my nephews high school games – both football and basketball. I knew one of the newspaper photographers and got lots of great shots for his high school albums. I think he loved them! These papers would have come in handy.

  4. So sad my son’s high school sports career is over. But, I absolutely LOVE this collection and see the need for it for customers!! Way to go CM for seeing the need! Great ideas with the layouts!! I love how you mixed the Mix and Match in and added the flowers for the girlie look in a sports theme!!

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