#FeatureFriday – Find Out How this Designer Put Her Happy into Ever After

Life can work in mysterious ways. Sometimes, the timing of certain events is so coincidental that it’s almost impeccable. This was certainly the case when Alex, the soon-to-be-wed product designer and illustrator, was assigned the task to create a new wedding collection for CM! Talk about great timing! She was able to draw inspiration from her own wedding planning and use it to create the Ever After wedding scrapbook collection, and vice versa. Learn more about what went into creating this stunning collection in this edition of #FeatureFriday!

Meet the Designer


Alex has been working with CM as a product designer and illustrator for over a year now! Before working for Creative Memories, she was a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. Now she happily spends her days making art for you fine folks.

Other collections she has designed include Sun-KissedBest in Show, Locally Grown, Essentials, Season’s Greetings, Scrap Happy, Imagine That! and Happy BirthYAY! Outside of work, Alex enjoys pattern-making and loves to cook, travel, read nerdy sci-fi novels and snuggle with her pets, Larry (dog) and Alphonse (cat). And she just got married this past August!


What Inspired This Collection?

“The outdoors, barn-inspired DIY wedding trend was key in designing this collection. With a touch of rustic home décor inspiration, this line is filled with greenery and neutrals to emphasize the beauty of natural materials and simplicity.”


How Would You Describe the Palette?

“The palette includes sage greens, creams, warm honey browns with a pop of red.”


How Would You Describe the Papers?

“We applied a fresh approach to the patterns with some antique botanical illustrations, used lots of woodgrain and delicate line art. One paper is inspired by vintage tin ceiling tiles, two are simple patterns you might find on a flour sack towel (stripes and plus crosses), one is an elegant Victorian line pattern filled with foliage and filigree. We have eucalyptus and a piece of etched/burned barn wood as well.”


What is Unique About the Collection?

“It is very delicate and neutral, but with personality. A dash of HGTV charm is tossed in among vintage botanical prints, intricate line art and aged textural components.”


What Do You Envision This Collection Being Used For?

“This line is special because it’s perfect for outdoor weddings but it also has key interior design elements, making it very general. You could use it for a neutral holiday option, picnics, field trips, showcasing your garden, engagement pictures, anniversary or just everyday country-chic living.”


Tell us a Fun Fact About the Collection!

“I designed this collection while I was planning my own wedding. Luckily the two themes were nearly identical, so I had abundant inspiration. I was ready to be done by the time both were over though!”

We’ve heard from Alex, and now we want to hear from you! What is it about the Ever After collection that you’re in love with the most? Comment below and let us know!

7 thoughts on “#FeatureFriday – Find Out How this Designer Put Her Happy into Ever After

  1. Can you comment on whether the “red” in the collection is a bright red or tends to lean toward a dull red or a burgundy color? Thanks so much!

  2. I love the colors, and the laser cut flowers which add a delicate ness to the pictures. Unique color palette, and I love the garden gate with the topiaries. Nice set and versatile for many uses, as noted in the article.

  3. I love like to see more of these in 8 X 8’s or even fast to fab in 8 X 8’s I love to make scrapbooks of the pictures I take at Events, and give them to the person or persons as a their gift. These make wonderful gifts and maybe future customers.
    I don’t always have a lot of pictures for a 12 x 12, but the 8 x 8’s are perfect.
    I loved you 7 x 7’s and the snap packs back in the day, they made a awesome gift for Wedding, baby showers, birthdays, a brag book for new parents or any event.
    I would like to see the 8 x 8’s available all the time, some people doesn’t always money to stock up on them when you bring them out for a short time, me included.
    This could be a great way to get people started in scrapbooking, before they know if they will want to scrapbook.
    I am so glad CM is back.
    Thank you

  4. I really like your wedding cards. The pink color looks awesome and my marriage will come on 1 Jan 2021. I want some wedding invitation cards. Can you make 100 invitation cards for me?

  5. He3llo
    I love like to see more of these in 8 X 8’s or even fast to fab in 8 X 8’s I love to make scrapbooks of the pictures I take at Events, and give them to the person or persons as a their gift. CDDS

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