Tips To Photograph Your Happy Moments

Raise your hand if you love to take photos. Raise your hand if you love to scrapbook. Raise your hand if you want to take better photos for your scrapbook. If you raised your hand at least once, then this blog post is for you! Photos are worth a thousand words, tell our stories and help us to cherish our happiest moments. With help from the professionals at Shuttersmack studio, I have eight tips for improving your picture-taking game to help document your happy moments from every angle. Keep reading to learn how to take beautiful photos of your adventures for your Happy Album! 


If you’re looking to better capture your memories, you have come to the right blog post! Photos are an amazing tool that help us cherish our happiest moments and tell our stories. I chatted with photographers, Leslie and Lucy, from Shuttersmack studio and they let me in on a few professional tips. Follow along and try out these simple steps to beautifully capture your next big event! All you need is a camera or smart phone and a memory in the making. 



1. A great way to remember an experience is to capture the scenery. Take photos of what surrounds you – maybe it’s the breathtaking view of the sunset, the coffee shop you met with your friends at to catch up or the cabin you visited for a family reunion. You will love looking back and seeing the special places you have been! 



2. Some of the best photos are taken when people aren’t looking. Capture the laughter, the smiles and the love. Take photos of the people you’re with, what they’re doing and how they’re interacting. This is a lovely way to remember the people you’re making memories with! 



3. This is an easy step to forget – I love capturing the little details that often  make me think of my favorite moments. That could be the map that saved you from getting lost on your last road trip (we’ve all been there!), the cup of coffee you slowly sipped on a Sunday morning or the best dinner you’ve had on vacation!

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4. If you want your photos to have the best quality, remember that natural or bright lighting is best! Step outside and have a mini photo shoot or find a room with the best lighting.



5. Keep the background simple when taking photos of other people. When the background is busy and noisy, it takes away from the subject you’re photographing. Find a clean wall or background to stand in front of – this way, the focus is on the beautiful people in the picture!



6. No crooked photos here! Make sure the image you’re taking aligns with the background. This way, your photos are straight and look fantastic in your Happy Album page.

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7. Don’t forget to jump in the photos! If you’re often the photographer, make sure to snap a couple selfies so you can look back and see yourself in the memories too.



8. When you follow the steps above and take quality photos, you don’t need to edit very much. However, if you want your photos to look uniform in your Happy Album, editing in an app like VSCO can do just that! Simply download the app VSCO, select your photos to import and edit! To keep your photos the same style, pick the same filter. This is a great way to keep a consistent look throughout your album! Click here for other apps to try!

Feb blog #1 (3)AfterlightImageCheck out these photo tips used in a Happy Album spread! Kit #13 and Kit #14 were used to create a simple layout. 

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These steps make it easy to cherish your happiest moments from every perspective! Photographing the scenery, the people you’re with and the special details will bring your happy memories to life. By taking the extra effort to find the best lighting, use a simple background and straighten your horizon, the quality of your photos will WOW your friends and family! I challenge you to take a few of the tips you don’t already use and try them next time you’re behind the camera.

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Meet Sadie – Happy Album Marketing Manager Sadie grew up crafting and scrapbooking using Creative Memories. She has a passion for creating and telling her story through photos! On weekends, you’ll catch her on an outdoor adventure, traveling or spending time with family in her small Minnesota town. Join her on the @BeHappyAlbum Instagram page and Happy Album Blog where she shares all things happy!

I’m excited I could share the tips I’ve learned to take better quality photos! Incorporating these simple tips when taking photos can make a world of a difference in your Happy Album layouts. If you enjoyed this blog post, follow along for more inspiration, tips and creating! If you’re on Instagram, you can also find me on the @BeHappyAlbum page! Do you plan on using any of these tips or have any  additional advice to share? Comment below!

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    1. I’m happy you like the tips! Keeping it simple is a great tip to incorporate when taking photos.

  1. Good tips. I try to take “everyday” photos. Tabletop/shelves of our various collectables, quirky things we see in our travels, and simple things in nature.

    1. I love that you’re taking everyday photos! That’s a great way to remember your happy moments.

  2. I never am disappointed by taking too many pictures, I’m only disappointed when I don’t take enough!

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