Weekly Sketch Round-Up August 5-9

Has the following ever happened to you — you’re scrolling through sketches (preferably on our Instagram or our Pinterest), looking for inspiration, when suddenly it hits you? You see the perfect sketch. It’s hard to describe why it speaks to you so much (after all, they’re just in black and white), but for some reason, it catches your eye in a big way. You rush to your craft table and immediately get to work. Giving you that instant jolt of can’t-wait-to-create is our goal with the Weekly Sketch Round-Up, so here’s hoping that one of today’s four sketches is “the one” for you!

Sketch #1

Sketch #2

Sketch #3

Instructions for these three sketches will be on the blog soon — stay tuned!

Sketch #4

Want to learn how to create this heritage layout for yourself? Check out this blog post!

Did you fall for any of these sketches? Is one (or more!) destined to make it in your scrapbook? If so, which one? Let us know in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Sketch Round-Up August 5-9

  1. How are we supposed to find the directions ‘later’ when you have updated the blog post? I haven’t seen any blog posts that say they have been updated to provide the instructions. It takes too long to search through all of the blog posts to find the directions & there are some that I never found instructions for. Suggest you don’t include the sketches if you can’t tell us where to find the directions at the same time.

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