Create Entire 8×8 Vintage Scrapbook Albums with a Few Simple Cuts

Have you placed your orders for the exclusive 8×8 Bookcloth Album Covers yet? From now until Oct. 22, you can get seven new 8×8 covers that are perfectly-sized to house your photos and memories. You’ll love telling your whole story with these 8x8s, but first, you’ll need some quick and simple layout ideas! We’ve got a fun trick for you to do just that and fill your 8×8 album with layouts that look great — read on to find out how!

To create this project, you’ll need:

Start out by picking eight pieces of paper from the paper pack. Cut each piece of paper into four strips measuring 4″ x 8″. You’ll be left with one small 4″ x 4″ piece from each paper. Set those extra 4″ x 4″ pieces aside to mat your photos, and just like that, you have all the paper you need — no other cuts necessary!

Check out this handy guide that shows you how to get all the pieces you need with just a few easy cuts!

As you can see, by flipping these pieces vertically or horizontally, there’s a whole host of different projects you can create! It’s perhaps the easiest and fastest way to fill up your 8×8 album with professional-looking layouts!

Take a look at these layout examples made with the Memoirs & Memories collection!

What types of 8×8 vintage scrapbook layouts will you create using this nifty trick? Let us know in the comments!

11 thoughts on “Create Entire 8×8 Vintage Scrapbook Albums with a Few Simple Cuts

  1. Thank you so much for this simple cutting guide! I don’t often make 8×8 albums, but I will definitely save the cutting guide for those occasions when I do. This reminds me of Noreen Smith’s fantastic 1-2-3 cutting guides, which I also love!


  2. Exciting way to create a scrapbook on a smaller level. Thanks for sharing! I will be using this idea to create a scrapbook for relatives whose father recently departed. This will be perfect as a remembrance for the family.


  3. I love this formula! I’ve used this in the past for albums and it works so well and so quick! Thank you for showing another way to use Memoirs & Memories!


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