Need to Quickly Create Multiple Scrapbook Layouts? Do it with a Twist!

When you want to get pages done fast, it’s good to have a few tried-and-true layouts that you can turn to again and again. Those layouts are even better when you can simply modify this or change that to suit whatever photos you’re using. The single-page layout idea below is super versatile, accommodates five photos and can magically turn into something else by just giving it a twist! Check it out!

To create these layouts you’ll need:

Step 1: Select one piece of patterned paper for your base. Choose a second coordinating piece and cut it to 5″ x 12″. Punch along the 12″ edge with the Dazzle Border Punch.


Step 2: Cut two photo mats to measure 4″ x 6″ and three more photo mats to measure 3-1/2″ x 3-1/2″ from Red Cardstock.

Step 3: Determine which layout works best for your project: Flip patterned papers over and rotate the layout to compare combinations and arrangements. The same two papers and photo mats can create the examples below (and more!):

Step 4: Once you’ve decided on your papers and arrangement, adhere all of the components with a Tape Runner and/or Repositionable adhesive. One option is to place two vertically-oriented photos on the bottom half of the layout and adhere the border punched piece and three square photos along the top of the layout. You can create a title cluster and add it to the right side of the photos using a mat trimmed to fit the space and decorate with stickers.


Step 5: Add an embellishments cluster to the corner opposite your title. Try adding more stickers and a 1″ strip of scrap White Cardstock punched on both ends with the 3-in-1 Scallop Tag Punch as a small journal space.


A second layout option is to use two horizontally-oriented photos and place the 5″ x 12″ piece on the left side of the page. Instead of punching the edge of this piece, you can leave it straight and add a border punched with the Crystal Chain Border Maker Cartridge and Platinum Shimmer Cardstock. Adhere this border over the seam where the two papers meet. (Tip: A 1/8″ sliver of Eggplant Cardstock woven in and out of the spaces of the border adds a contrasting element and makes the border stand out in subtle way!)


Mat two smaller square photos with Platinum Shimmer Cardstock, leaving a slim edge on all sides for a border. Trim one more mat to the same size and use it as a journal space between the square photos. Create a title with a cluster of stickers and add it to the bottom right side of the page. Finish the layout by creating a smaller cluster of stickers and adding it to the corner of the photo on the upper left side of the layout.

It’s so easy to create a variety of pages from one basic layout when you give it a little twist and use your imagination! What tips and tricks do you have to make multiple layouts quickly? Let us know in the comments below!

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