Document These Historic Times With Quarantine Scrapbook Layout Ideas

We are undoubtedly living in an unprecedented time with a quarantine to this magnitude, and it’s making quite a few of us do a bit of reflecting. Although these aren’t perhaps the happiest days of our lives, it’s still important that we look for the silver lining and do what we can to record and capture these moments. Check out these quarantine scrapbook layout ideas and consider creating a layout of your own!

Martha Murray

My husband, my two teenagers and I are being greatly affected by this COVID-19 crisis. That’s why I started to document our time together — this could be one of the most significant events in our lives, and I wanted to make sure that we remember it.

Yes, I will have a spread with all of the memes, statistics and explanations, but I choose to focus on all of the things we are getting to do together as a family. That’s why I’ve created three layouts that I feel are generally uplifting — I want to focus on the positives from the past few weeks.

We’ve had more outings (within our own property), more teachable moments and the kids are learning to do a little more cooking!

Layout by Martha Murray – CM Independent Advisor

We’ve also been figuring out ways to visit my mother-in-law while no visitors are allowed in her nursing home.

Layout by Martha Murray – CM Independent Advisor

We’re also doing what we can to help cheer up the ICU nurses at my sister-in-law’s hospital.

Layout by Martha Murray – CM Independent Advisor

Dawn Ashby

My upline Heidi Srinivasan hosted a Virtual Crop recently, and one of the challenges was to create a COVID-19-themed page. This virus has had an impact on all of our lives, so I thought it was a great idea, and it lead me to create the “germie page!”  I plan to journal about what Ohio has done to flatten the curve and tell the story on how it changed our lives, both for the good and the bad.

I have photos from Virtual Crops, working from home, social distancing, Wine with DeWine, Zoom meetings and donations being made, along with poems reflecting the potential positive impact this could have on our world. It always amazing to me that people can find humor and creativity to lift others up.

Layout by Dawn Ashby – CM Independent Advisor

For the second layout, I used Travel Log papers and stickers, and I’m planning to journal about the virus’s origin and how it spread by using stats and some of the headlines that I’ve read.

Layout by Dawn Ashby – CM Independent Advisor

I plan to do more pages as I see this changing our world and being our new companion as we work though the logistics of living with this virus until a vaccine is found. I’m also keeping a personal journal to capture my thoughts and feelings, too.

Carol Gibbons

Each year, I create an album based on the events of that year, as well as separate albums for any special events or vacations that may have taken place. I frequently take a screenshot of alerts that come to my cell phone to include in my layouts. At first I thought there would just be a page or so, but then I realized this would be a major event that would impact our family and the world.

I wanted to preserve this memory for future generations to know what we did, what we were feeling and what went on during this time. On the pages, I’ve created a timeline of news from my hometown, my state and national news. I journal what we were doing and how we were feeling. I printed some of the funny memes from Facebook, as this was our primary communication with friends and family, and I even created a Facebook page with my husband so his large family (he is youngest of eight) could share photos.

Layouts by Carol Gibbons – CM Independent Advisor

Carol Carder

In my layout, I wanted to reflect the timeline of events that have lead to the world we are living in now. So, I combed through the news and created a comprehensible timeline to go along with my layouts, which feature photos that reflect the different series of events.

Layouts by Carol Carder – CM Independent Advisor

How have you been keeping track of these historic times in your albums? Share with us in the comments below!

16 thoughts on “Document These Historic Times With Quarantine Scrapbook Layout Ideas

    1. Love all of these pages and great words with them. I too am planning out my album to document this time in history. I hope to emphasize Kindness that Ive seen and felt from my mask sewing craziness!!!

    2. I am writing a Pandemic timeline and will put it in one of your 8 1/2 by 11 sleeves in my CM album. I have also taken pictures of drive by birthdays , signs, etc. a local crafter has created Covid 19 die cuts I will add. This is a unique time in my history and I am 70.

      1. Good for you. I had planned to something but here it is 4 months in and I haven’t started

  1. I started a quarantine scrapbook in March and I love having a personal record of this historic time.

  2. Wow! Well done! Thank you for the inspiration.👍🇺🇸

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  3. Thanks for the great idea! I’m totally going to add this to my kids’ books. Carol Carder would you be willing to share the photo of the Easter egg with mask and TP? I’ve looked online and can’t find anything as cute as the one you used (or staged). Please let me know. De

  4. I’ve been saving a list of things I’ve been doing and taking photos of them ready to make pages. Groceries being delivered, Walking, Reading, Scrapbooking, Jigsaw Puzzles, Shredding old papers, Gardening, watching Church on TV and movies. Never a dull moment. I appreciate these layout ideas.

  5. I think it is awesome the way so many of you are finding different ways to document this period of COVID 19 that we will remember all our lives!

  6. I have had a grandson born since the COVID 19 started. I’ve been sent many photos but can’t visit him yet. I’m waiting anxiously to give him a cuddle. The photos of him and his family are making great pages. Many gifts have been sent to them. It was Mother’s Day on Sunday all of my family rang me but it’s not the same as having a cuddle from them. Mothers Day presents 🎁 have started to arrive from my daughter’s family’s. I can’t wait until this isolation is over and I can see my family in person

  7. On April 10 our CM lady challenged us to create a layout using circles. I created a 2-page spread with “before” COVID-19 on the left and “after” on the right. On the left are many faces of scrapbooking friends close together and enjoying a scrapping workshop. On the right are scrapping friends enjoying time together via computers. Our CM lady Sheila has been great about giving us scrapping challenges 3 times a week and urging us to participate in the CM virtual events. This has helped keep us connected. (I would be happy to send a photo of my layout.)

  8. The timing on this post couldn’t have been more perfect! I’ve been working on scrapbooks (yes, there are two) to give to my daughter documenting her high school experience, she graduates (or was supposed to) next Friday. I’ve been thinking about what to put in spring of senior year since there is no prom, no senior skip day, no spring break–these are the inspiration needed!!

  9. Carol Carder, i would luv to have a better vire of your Easter egg wearing a mask, would you mind posting one?

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