2023 Virtual Crop Info & NEW Features!

Happy 2023, Virtual Croppers! This year, the monthly Virtual Crops you look forward to the second weekend of every month will have some exciting new features that you’re going to LOVE — more time to complete the challenges, all sketches post together on Day 1, sketches will include MEASUREMENTS and there will be LIVE tutorials with Noreen during Secret Box reveals, to name a few! If you’re not already a member of our Virtual Crop Facebook Group, we’d love to have you join so you can take part in all the fun this year! Read on to get all the details.

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—The Schedule—

2023 Virtual Crops will take place starting at 5pm CT on the second Friday* of every month (except for the September Worldwide Virtual Crop, which will start on Thursday). You will now have until the following Tuesday** at 11:59pm CT to submit your challenge layouts. You can find all the dates*** below.

NEW Start Time: Fridays at 5pm CT
EXTENDED Deadline for Submissions: Tuesdays at 11:59pm CT

  • Jan. 13
  • Feb. 10
  • March 10
  • April 14
  • May 12
  • June 9
  • July 14
  • Aug. 11
  • Sept. 7-9 (WWVC)
  • Oct. 13
  • Nov. 10
  • Dec. 8

*Australia: Saturday at 10am AEDT
**Australia: Wednesday at 4:59pm AEDT
***Australia: 14 Jan.; 11 Feb.; 11 March; 15 April; 13 May; 10 June; 15 July; 12 Aug.; 8-10 Sept.; 14 Oct.; 11 Nov.; 9 Dec.


—Updates to Sketches & Posts—

We listened to your feedback in the Virtual Crop Facebook Group, so starting in 2023 you’ll see the following changes:

  • Sketches include MEASUREMENTS: For the first time, sketches will have measurements for photo and paper sizes directly on the sketch! There will also be a downloadable PDF for each Virtual Crop with all the sketches and their measurements for you to easily reference.
  • 4 sketch challenges: There will be 4 sketch challenges total per Virtual Crop — 2 one-page layouts and 2 two-page spreads. (Note: This does not include the Worldwide Virtual Crop, which will have 12.)
  • Sketches all post together in 1 blog post on Day 1: For the monthly Virtual Crops, all 4 sketch challenges will be posted together at the same time in one (1) blog post and in one (1) post in the Virtual Crop Facebook Group at 5pm CT on the second Friday* of each month. (Note: This does not include the Worldwide Virtual Crop, which will post 1 challenge every 4 hours over 3 days.)

—Secret Box Reveals—

Everyone loves the excitement of opening our quarterly Secret Boxes together to reveal the products we’ve been waiting to see, and we’re stepping the Secret Box Reveal VC events up a notch in 2023! Product Development Creative Manager Noreen Smith will be doing LIVE unboxings and will teach a LIVE tutorial using the Secret Box products at the start of Secret Box Virtual Crops! You are not going to want to miss them!

—Virtual Crop FAQs—

  • When are Virtual Crops (“VCs”)? The second Friday* of each month starting at 5pm CT. View all dates.
  • Where do VCs take place? In the Virtual Crop Facebook Group.
  • Who can participate? Everyone! All Advisors and customers.
  • How do I participate, what do I need and what can I win? Get all the details in “The 411 on Virtual Crops” blog post.
  • How many challenges are there in a VC? Starting in January 2023, four (4) for regular monthly events and 12 for the Worldwide Virtual Crop.
  • Will there be separate blog posts for each of the 4 challenges? No, starting in January 2023, all 4 sketch challenges will post together in 1 blog post and in 1 post in the Virtual Crop Facebook Group.
  • Where can I find the downloadable PDF with all of the sketch challenges? You can find the PDF in that month’s 1 VC blog post and in the Virtual Crop Facebook Group during the event.
  • When are challenge submissions due? By 11:59pm CT on Tuesdays** following the event.
  • When are winners announced? Thursdays at noon CT following the event.
  • Is there a live tutorial with Noreen at the beginning of every VC? No, live tutorials are only for quarterly Secret Box VCs and the WWVC.

Soooo — who is excited about these Virtual Crop updates for 2023?! Comment below to tell us what you’re MOST excited about!

27 thoughts on “2023 Virtual Crop Info & NEW Features!

  1. This is great. I love it when the consultant has the directions. They are much easier to figure out. Thanks looking forward to 2023 crops

  2. Sounds like a wonderful plan for a New Year. Love, love, love that measurements will be included.

  3. So excited to have the measurements, posts all in one spot and to hear that the secret boxes are back for 2023! Way to go CM!!

  4. I’m excited about the changes, especially the extension in time for submitting. Hope to get to participate more in 2023

  5. Love the announcement of all challenges at the beginning and the extra time for completion. Wouldn’t have minded continuing with 6 challenges for the monthly VC’s, but this is great news and I TOTALLY LOVE the idea that measurements are now going to be included – will make it much easier (especially for digital scrappers) to judge!! Thank you CM!

  6. Yes! This all sounds wonderful. Especially the extra days. I am so busy on Sundays that it’s hard to get things done in time. And having measurements? Outstanding!

  7. Sounds wonderful. Looking forward to participating more this year. Thanks to all for all your efforts.

    1. Virtual Crops are a lot of fun and now with having measurements will make it that much easier to finish the new only 4 layouts.

  8. Like the changes to the virtual crop. Measurements are a definite plus. Love that Noreen is doing a tutorial with the Secret Box. Looking forward to the new year of cropping.

  9. I love that we’re getting more time to finish.. Wish you could have left it at 6 challenges with the extra time.. But I am grateful you allow us to do this.. I look forward to this each month.. Thanks CM……

  10. I am so excited about the new changes. Now, I don’t have to search for whoever it is that posts the measurements and they will be available as soon as the sketch is published. Yay! And, I think I probably commented several times that I needed more time – so I am very happy that I no longer have to choose between weekend activities (family or friends) and getting these accomplished. The PDF’s will be awesome. I’ve been so jealous when the advisor in the video holds up a nice printout of the sketch and I’ve spent hours cutting and pasting to print out the sketches to make them easier to follow. And, having them all at once means I can PLAN how I use my available pictures more easily. I will miss having six sketches and more than one WW virtual crop, but the other changes are so great, I’m overall pleased. Thank you, CM, for listening to our suggestions.

  11. I’m loving the new changes! Sometimes I have things going on during the weekend and I can’t get them all done in time. I’m always still working on Monday and Tuesday, so the extra time will be great! It will be easier to plan out my layouts by getting all the sketches at once. My favorite part is that Noreen will be doing tutorials! I love her!!😊❤️🎉

  12. Disappointed that there will only be 4 sketches. I don’t use measurements so that doesn’t worry me either way. Later deadline is great. Disappointed that they will all be released at once. I liked waiting for the next one to be released- especially if you were away on a scrap retreat. Looking forward to seeing the changes to the opening of secret boxes as I have been disappointed in the past when the hype of an opening didn’t match the actual event. Great to see CM is changing things up. And that the virtual crops are still running.

  13. Can’t wait to see what Noreen has in store for the secret boxes. I know her layouts will be awesome!

  14. I’m excited about having more time to complete the challenge and especially that the sketches will have measurements. I’m also happy that Noreen will be doing a tutorial with the secret box reveal.

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