Fast2Fab Albums: The key to quick, easy and beautiful album completion!

For some folks, the thought of completing an entire scrapbook album can be overwhelming. Like, really overwhelming.

Enter the Fast2Fab Album. The hard work and planning is complete with these predesigned pages – simply add a little Tape Runner to your photos and in no time at all, you’ll have a completed photo album. See? Look how easy this looks:

Creative Memories Fast2Fab Album

In fact, to see for myself just how incredibly quick and easy creating one of these scrapbook albums really can be, I brought my personal wedding photos to the office and sat down this afternoon with the It’s A Love Thing Fast2Fab Album. It’s just a few hours later and not only do I now have a completed wedding album, I was able to get a tiny bit creative and added in some extra bonus fun things to some of my pages and photos, too. Oh, and by the way – you may notice that my wedding colors were charcoal and sunflower yellow. The fact that I had an outdoor wedding made this album with a green color focus the perfect choice for me! The way it complements the greenery in the photos is totally amazing.

I started the album by adding my favorite photos from the day to spots that were pre-defined for me in the album. Easy peezy!

Creative Memories Fast2Fab Album


On this next set of pages, I wanted to change up the layout and “freestyle” just a little. You know, think outside of the box. Literally :-) Instead of adhering a few vertical photos on the left page as the design called for, I changed it up and stacked two horizontal photos, then centered  and adhered them. For an extra splash of fun, I trimmed the “Adore” embellishment from the It’s A Love Thing Slide-In Pack and adhered it to the page, too.

On the right page, I had 3 family photos I wanted to include, but only 2 open spaces in the design. NO problem! I just stacked the three and adhered them down. Again, I trimmed an embellishment from the Slide-In-Pack and adhered it to the page. Fun!

Creative Memories Fast2Fab Album

As with most brides, I ended up with a boatload of wonderful photos that I wanted to include in my album, but realized I needed a way to include lots of them in a compact way. Multi-Pocket Pages was the answer! They are fantastic to include in F2F albums, especially for things like adding in candids and wedding party photos – the photos of groups of folks from the wedding that you’ve got lots of varying configurations of and want to include them all.

Creative Memories Fast2Fab Album

And, the best part is if you’ve got one leftover photo slot that you don’t have a photo to fill, simply slide in a quote or journal block card from the Slide-In-Pack.

Creative Memories Fast2Fab Album

I’m so excited – nearly two years after our wedding, I’ve got a completely finished wedding album that incorporates ALL of the photos I wanted to include. And, I even had plenty of time to photograph it and share it with you this afternoon. How fun!

Fast2Fab Albums are available in a variety of themes from baby to sports and everything in between! What kind of album are your photos waiting to be showcased in?

– Jenny R.

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  1. It’s been nearly 5 1/2 years and I still haven’t completed our wedding album!!! This looks like just the solution I need :-D

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