Create Punch Art Eyeballs With Googly Eyed* Tools

You might know how much we love googly eyes here at Creative Memories, well it’s true we do. They’re super-fun to stick on anything, and this April we’re going to share the fun with you by shipping all Creative Memories Tools with googly eyes* included!

For even more eye-popping fun, read on for some great punch art eyeball ideas for your scrapbook pages.



Check out these little guys pictured above, what’s not to love about having your own collection of friendly, helpful tools at your craft table? Choose your favourite googly eye* tools or collect them all! All tools operate as normal with the addition of googly eyes*, however use of googly eye* tools may cause laughter while scrapping.

If googly eyed* tools aren’t enough fun for you, then you could create some of these fabulous googly eyes for your scrapbook pages as well!


For supplies, you’ll need:

1: Punch 2 purple circles, then stack them together and re-insert both into maker (flipped upside down). Punch a chunk from purple circles, then adhere to project.

2: Punch 2 green circles and 2 black circle tags. Trim small black circles from center of each tag. Stack green circles, then re-insert into maker. Punch a chunk out. Repeat for black circles, then adhere as shown. To create white highlight, insert white cardstock into circle tag cartridge and punch. Hint: only slide cardstock into punch far enough so small circle is punched. Cut small circle in half and adhere.

3: Repeat process for #1 using red cardstock. Repeat process from #2 to create only small black circles from circle tag. Adhere as shown.

4: Punch 2 large white circles. Punch 2 black circle tags. Trim small black circles from center of each tag. Repeat process from #2 to create only small white circles from circle tag. Assemble and adhere as shown.

5: Repeat process for #4 using different colors.

6. Punch 2 large white circles and 1 blue. Cut blue circle in half. Adhere to white circles as shown. Punch 2 black circle tag shapes. Adhere small black dots and trimmed “leftovers” from tags as shown.

7. Punch 2 large white circle shapes. Punch 2 black circle tags. Trim outer rings away from circle tags. Align tag holes and adhere together. Adhere small black punched circle into center of tag holes. Adhere circle tags over white circles as shown. Repeat process from #2 to create only small grey circles from circle tag. Using scissors, cut small strips and adhere along sides of eyes.

8. Repeat process from #7, except use different colors and adhere trimmed centers from 2 extra black circle tags for pupils instead of small circles.

9. Punch 2 large pink and one large tan circle. Cut tan circle in half. Punch 2 white circle tags. Trim small white circles from center of each tag. Adhere white circle and tan half-circle to each pink circle as shown. Repeat process from #2 to create only small brown circles from circle tag, then adhere.

10. Punch 2 large black circles and 2 each white and grey circle tags. Trim small white circles from center of each white tag. Repeat process from #2 to create only small black circles from circle tag.

Assemble and adhere as shown.

*Just kidding folks, hope you enjoyed our little April Fools joke! While it is true that Creative Memories Home Office staff LOVE googly eyes, Creative Memories Tools will not include googly eyes. 

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