Scrapbooking Albums Paired With Travel Collections

Are you looking for the perfect match in an album color to go with the Cool Serenity and Uncharted Collections?  Let us make some suggestions for you!

There are many things to take into consideration– Where did you travel to?  Was it a beach getaway, or a visit to the rugged mountains?  Are your photos bright, or do they have a more neutral hue to them?

Answering those questions will direct you to which collection to use!

Any water related travel will most likely lead you to the Cool Serenity Collection.  The collection offers bright, but yet oh-so-soft tones.



This collection pairs well with the following album coversets:


If you have photos from Europe, with old buildings and old city streets, it will pair well with the neutral color used in the Uncharted Collection.


This collection pairs well with the following coversets:

We hope this will help ease the decision of which album color to use in your travel albums!

Happy Creating!


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