Photo Tips: Wedding Candids

I love attending weddings and I love taking photos at weddings!  As the guest there are so many fun things to snap photos of and I am going to give you a few tips and things I like capturing with my camera.


We just went to a gorgeous outdoor wedding this past weekend so the photo opportunities were abundant!  I love details so I love taking photos of the decorations and the creativity the bride and groom have poured into their wedding.  Usually the couple’s personalities shine through the decoration choices and it was certainly was the case at this wedding.

There was a definite outdoor theme with all of the wooden decorations.  I especially liked the drinks in the canoe!


It is always nice to get a photo of the church or the setting for the wedding ceremony.

Outdoor weddings are so wonderful for getting bright and colourful photos!

Churches are such beautiful buildings  so it is always nice to get a photo of the church from the outside and a wide angle shot of the inside.

Wedding Party

Fashion can be a big part of most weddings, it is nice to grab a photo of the colours and style the bride and groom have chosen. This wedding was very casual and comfortable and the bride and groom wanted us as guests to feel at home on the bride’s family property.

Photos of the guys is fun when there is a common theme running through their attire.  Children are also fun to capture photos of as well because you just never know how they will respond to having all of those eyes on them.  Have your camera ready!  They also look pretty sweet dressed up!

Sweet Moments

One of my most favourite moments at a wedding is when the groom sees his bride for the first time.  I love the overwhelming emotion on his face and you can feel the love between them.  I was snapping photos of the bride walking toward her groom and then I turned the camera to him to capture his emotions.

I also love the first moments shared between a bride and groom and they are so excited for the new life they are about to begin!


Sometime guests are asked to refrain from taking photos during the ceremony, but if you aren’t snap away!

Exchanging their vows, readings, poems are all important moments to capture.

The KISS….

Need I say more?

Mr. and Mrs….

Mr. and Mrs.
The back of the bride’s dress usually has as much detail as the front.
Stopped for another kiss!
Guests and the receiving line are nice to have photos of as well.

Wedding Party Photo Time

Usually while the wedding party is away getting their photos done it is a time to relax, mingle with the other guests and enjoy some refreshments.  It is nice to capture some photos of this time as the bride and groom may enjoy seeing photos since they are off capturing different memories.

The food, children playing, guests mingling….

Family photos are always difficult to find time for around our house so I took advantage of the opportunity!  It is a wonderful time to pass your camera over to someone else to capture this memory, especially since you are all dressed up!

Favourite Moments…

This wedding was very unique and one of my favourite moments and I am sure the wedding party’s favourite moment was when they all left in the canoes and headed up the river to get photos.

I thought to myself when I was packing my camera “should I take my telephoto lens?  Why would I need that at a wedding?”  Well…I was so glad at the last minute I packed it because it came in handy when I was taking these shots!


Candid photos at the reception are also fun memories to capture.  The bride and groom have planned and planned to make this a fun day for everyone and saving these memories is so important!

This was another one of my favourite moments at this wedding.  Their niece was taking instant photos when we entered the tent at the reception and then we had to tape them in a book with a message for them.

Details at the reception have been a big part of their planning so it is important to appreciate their planning with photos.

untitled-6275Welcoming Mr. and Mrs. is very exciting!

Head Table and Cake

The center of the reception is the head table so it is important to the Bride and Groom that the setting is beautiful and perfect!

Speeches and more KISSES…


Traditions for getting the bride and groom to kiss and then the kiss!


So many emotions and love for them to share and appreciate.

The Dance



The most important thing after all of the celebrations are over and the memories have been captured is to share all of this with the Newlyweds!  They will appreciate everyone of these memories!

Much Love!



4 thoughts on “Photo Tips: Wedding Candids

  1. You took some lovely photos. Great suggestions! My daughter got married 2 yrs ago and didn’t want all the guests snapping photos as she 1) wanted everyone to enjoy themselves and not behind the camera lens, and 2) not have all the cameras in the background of her photographer’s pix. It sort of backfired on her in that she was so disappointed with her photographer’s pix. She ended up with just a few pix she really liked and never ordered any extra pix from him. There were a few guests and family who took pix from their seats w/o getting in the photographer’s way. Lesson learned.

    1. Thank you Lori! Thanks for sharing your daughters story as well. It is a fine line of who you want snapping photos but in the end it is about capturing the memories. I am dating myself but my husband and I got married before the age of cell phones and digital cameras so not many candid photos were shared with us. I love the digital world where we can share so easily!

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