Scrapbooking Layouts on Black Pages

Black pages are an ideal backdrop for the bright lights and costumes in photos from performances. In this layout with photos from a Disney on Ice show, I coordinated some light coloured products to contrast with the black background.


Disney On Ice Page Layout: Kelly Batten – AUS

To create this spread, you will need:

Step 1 :  Trim the top of 3 vertical 4×6 photos with the medium CCS Circle Pattern and the Red Blade, trying to match where the curve starts at the edges of the photos. Adhere the photos across the sheet of 12×12 Soiree paper so you can see a small strip of the paper at the bottom.

Step 2:   Using the  medium CCS Circle Pattern and the Blue Blade, carefully line up the template just below the top of the first photo and trim the paper behind the photo, move the circle pattern to the next photo and trim, trying to start your new cut where the last one ends. (Tip: scissors are handy to snip the paper if each cut didn’t quite join up.) Adhere the photos on the backing paper to the right hand page, 1 & 3/4″ from the bottom.


Step 3:  Trim a 1 & 3/4″ strip from the same sheet of Soiree paper and adhere to the bottom of the left-hand page. Punch 2 Lace Scallop borders from a sheet of pink Hello Baby Cardstock and adhere as shown. (Tip: I used Repositional Adhesive on the border strips so no adhesive would be visible through the lacy design.)

Step 4:   Add memorabilia (I saved our show tickets) or additional photos to the left-hand page as shown.

Step 5:   Select paper embellishments from Natural Elegance and Soiree packs and adhere to both pages as shown, layer some with  Foam Squares for dimension. (Tip: flip over the lacy flowers so the white side looks like snow flakes). Scatter some sparkly gem stickers from both packs around the page.

Step 6:   To add the title, I lined up my stickers on the edge of the packaging and adhered it to the page on an angle. To create interest in my title, I mixed ABC stickers with a handwritten word on the white side of a Soiree star embellishment.


Step 7:  Last but not least, to remember all the fun, add journalling on the white side of a Natural Elegance tag embellishment and adhere with Foam Squares to the left-hand page as shown.

I am so happy that CM has brought back our beloved Black Album Pages! I love them because they set everything off so well.

Noreen BW 1

Layout created by: Noreen Smith-CAN

To create this spread, you will need:

I filled up this layout with six photos and a fair amount of paper and decorative elements, but even though I covered most of the page up, the black jeeping acts like a lovely frame around the photos, Uncharted Papers, Slide-In Cards, Stickers and Embellishments. It looks great and really stand out against the other White, Spargo or Natural pages in my travel album.

For the left hand side of the layout:

Step 1:  Cut the piece of 12 x 12 paper with the photo of the suitcases, camera and postcards vertically into a 2.5 x 12 strip, a 3 x 12 strip and a 6.5 x 12 strip.

Step 2:  Place the 2.5 x 12 strip horizontally along the top edge of the page, leaving about .5 of black showing above it. Repeat with the 3.5 x 12 strip, placing it along the bottom edge of the page, leaving about .5 of black showing below it.

Step 3:  Place one Striped Sticker Strip across the top border and one across the bottom border as shown.

Step 4:  Centre three vertical 4 x 6 photos in between the paper strips.

Step 5:  Add your title with ABC/123 Stickers.

Step 6:  Create two embellishment clusters as shown. Use foam squares to pop up at least one sticker or die-cut in each cluster for added dimension!

For the right hand side of the layout:

Step 1:  Trim 1 inch off the top of the remaining 6.5 x 12 piece of Uncharted paper, then place it along the outside jeeped edge of the page, leaving about .5 at the top and bottom.

Step 2:  Place three horizontal photos beside the paper, overlapping slightly to fit up against the inside jeeped edge.

Step 3:  Adhere the Journal Card with the striped edges on a slight angle and create an embellishment cluster above it as shown.

Step 4:  Finish with your journaling.

Happy Creating— On Black Pages!

3 thoughts on “Scrapbooking Layouts on Black Pages

  1. I never thought of using the circle cutter in that way!! (in Disney layout) – unique – I’ll try it!!

  2. When my mom was a girl and then a young wife, “30s-’40s, photo albums only had black pages. I always loved the way the photos (all b&w back then) looked on the black pages. Now, if I want something dramatic for my photos, I want black pages. :-)

  3. I often intermix black pages with the white ones. I have done that with Halloween photos along with photos that are “night” photos…fireworks, Disneyland at night, etc. I think that works, also.

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