Photo Tips -Flowers and Gardens

Bud to Bloom

All of the stages of a flower are beautiful so I try to capture all of the growth of the flower.

Love the clematis in my yard and I love the flower centre.

 Daisies are one of my favourites.  Looking at the backside of a flower can also be another beautiful view.

If you have fruit bearing trees or plants in your yard it is fun to capture the stages of the plant.

Favourite Spaces in my Yard

There are places in my yard that I love to spend time and the flowers and plants add to that beauty for me. It is nice to photograph these places as we are always making changes in our yard.

Water Drops

The morning after a fresh rain is always a gorgeous time to capture photos. The water drops add another depth of beauty to the flower, plant, leaf or grass.

If you miss that time in the morning there is nothing wrong with filling a mister and giving the flowers a little spray and start shooting!

Beauty in the Dried Flowers

I love to have cut fresh flowers around my home so I often will treat myself or my daughter to a bouquet.  Sometimes I even receive a bouquet from my husband.  Heehee!  I don’t like saying good-bye them so there I times I just don’t.  I will dry them and take more photos!   They are beautiful in full bloom, but there is also beauty in the decay as well.

Flower to Full

I like to get up close to the flowers in my yard, but it is also nice to step back and see the plant in full to see the colour varieties on the plant and the surroundings.

Blur and Bokeh

Zooming in on the details will blur the background or if there is light in the background it will create what is called bokeh.

If you have a macro setting on your camera this can help with getting in close to the subject and the background will naturally blur.


It is always fun for me when a visitor pops into my photo or is visiting my garden.

Black and White

My last tip for today is changing your photo to black and white.  My husband doesn’t see the beauty in dandelions in our yard, but I think all flowers have some beautiful qualities.   I love photographing dandelion seeds and changing them to black and white which make it almost mystical for me.


Take time to stop and photograph the flowers!


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  1. Love to photograph flowers, plants, clouds, etc. I want to make a book with just my nature, flowers, etc in it and have scripture or quotes to go along with the photos. I have quite a few years worth. I will probably do a digital book so it can be my coffee table book!

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