Have Photos to Print?

Do you have photos to print? Did you know that you can print your photos through Creative Memories?! And — not only are they high-quality prints, they’ll also arrive to your doorstep in the same box with the rest of your scrapbooking supplies!

Today we’ll look at the awesome features of CM’s prints — including a NEW feature that was recently added! It’s time to skip that order for quick prints found at big-box stores and get the professional prints that your memories deserve.

Learn About Our Photo Prints

We preserve your photos on high-quality matte Fuji Crystal Archive photo paper in our very own professional CM wet lab. You can order right on our website via computer or mobile device!

Your Photos Come Labeled 

We print your project name plus the photo date on the back of your photo! You’ll be able to read this info in legible, black ink. (All details are sourced from the metadata of your photo.)

Note: Metadata will be needed for your photos to be labeled. See more information on metadata here.

NEW Fit to Frame Feature

Fit to Frame is a NEW feature you can use in edit mode for your Photo Prints! When you take a photo with your camera, it has an aspect ratio of 3:2, which creates a 4×6 photo. However, when you take a photo on your phone, you will notice that when you print a 4×6 photo, your image is cropped. Phones take photos with a 4:3 aspect ratio, which means it is not an exact 4×6 photo. Thus, when you print a photo you took on your phone will have some cropping.

Fit to Frame will add white bars to show your entire photo, and you can trim the white bars before adding the photo to your album. The Fit to Frame feature can be applied on any individual photos of your choosing!

Left: Original image cropped; Right: Fit to Frame image with white bars to show the whole photo

Watch the video below (starting at 1:33) to see how Fit to Frame is applied or watch the entire video for a full introduction to Photo Prints!

Note: If you have labeled your photo project with metadata (project name and date), the date will not appear on the photos that have Fit to Frame applied. At this time you cannot apply the Fit to Frame option to all photos at once, it can only be applied to one photo at a time.

Simple Upload to Print 

We offer the simplest and most straightforward photo ordering so you can get your prints ordered quickly. You can order right on our website via computer or mobile device! View step-by-step ordering instructions for desktop and mobile here.

Your Photo Prints Will Ship With Other Products

If you order Photo Prints with other products, all items will ship together in the same box! It’s the complete package, including our trusted quality promise!

Prints take an extra 3-5 business days of processing time, so you’ll want to keep that timing in mind when you select your shipping option at checkout.

Pricing for Photo Prints

Pricing is based on the quantity of Photo Prints per project. To get the best price, you’ll want to add a minimum of 50 Photo Prints to your project.  

1-49 prints: US $0.27 | CA $0.35 | AU $0.50
50+ prints: US $0.25 | CA $0.32 | AU $0.47

And — multiple projects can be created and ordered at the same time to help with the organization of your photos.  

So there you have it! As scrapbookers, we know how important it is to get our memories out from behind the screen and printed to put into beautiful albums for our friends and loved ones to enjoy. And since you’ll already be ordering CM’s photo-safe products to create your albums, why not include the photos themselves at the same time?! If you’d like to learn more about Photo Prints, you can check out our handy FAQs here.

And if you’d like tips and tricks for snapping photos, taking photos on your cell phone and camera, photo organization, video (perfect for this virtual time we’re living in!), as well as a fun Day-in-the-Life project, check out this all-inclusive blog post!

So we’re curious — have YOU tried printing photos through CM? If not, do you think you’ll try it with an upcoming order?

11 thoughts on “Have Photos to Print?

  1. Love CM prints – love getting them with my supplies – and so quick Absolutely recommend.

  2. Price is an issue. Your print cost is over market. I think most of your customers will find them too expensive.

  3. Have punted over 1000 photos with CM but I have been able to utilize special pricing or a coupon of some sort to lower the price. That helps a lot.

  4. Price is indeed a consideration. I am still debating whether to try CM’s printing. I also prefer glossy to matte finishes. I think I’ll do a test order before I commit.

  5. I just printed photos for a project and I love it! I love having the project name printed on back, loved being able to do Fit to Frame for certain photos, quality was great, and I loved convenience of having them ship with my stuff. For consultants, don’t forget to take your discount when comparing – I do Snapfish penny prints, but by the time I pay shipping costs, it’s the same cost as CM prints with my advisor discount. And quality is better (my Snapfish prints come all jumbled). Another option I’m going to try: print right onto the page with CM custom pages.

  6. Although each CM print is about $.10 more than my nearest big box store, the quality is far superior, and the cost is much less than printing at home ,which I also do when necessary. I also love the matte finish.

  7. CM prices are not at all competitive. The AUD price is at least five times higher (10 times higher when they are on special) than I pay from other sources, and they can be picked up the same day.

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