Meet Debby, Samm & Sara — How Becoming an Advisor Changed Their Life

Since Creative Memories re-launched back in 2014, we’ve celebrated the fact that our Advisor Join Offer has great benefits (access to exclusive products and no minimum order requirements, just to name a few)! But, the top-notch, cream of the crop, best part about becoming a CM Advisor is the community, where we share business tips and tricks, encourage innovative ideas and support each other, whether in person, virtually or both! Have you thought about becoming an Advisor, but aren’t sure if it’s right for you? Well, look no further than these three amazing Advisor stories to see how being a part of this community is a perfect fit in their life.

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#EachforEqual: Creative Memories® Celebrates International Women’s Day

March 8 is International Women’s Day, which is a global day spent celebrating all of the social, cultural, political and economic achievements of women across the world. Everyone knows some incredible women who have made an impact on us — from mothers to teachers to friends and more. To celebrate the day, we asked members of the Creative Memories® team to tell us about a particularly influential woman in their life. Check out what they had to say and then tell us your answer in the comments below!

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Bring On an Attitude of Gratitude

There’s a wise saying that “It’s not happiness that brings us gratitude; it’s gratitude that brings us happiness.” With the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving preparations, it’s easy to get caught up in who is bringing what and whose house are we going to and how are we going celebrate with all our familiesOver the next few days and throughout the Christmas season, let’s all remember to take some time to reflect upon what we’re thankful for and appreciate the special people and moments in life. Let gratitude fill the place where getting caught up in the chaos of the holidays previously lived… allow yourself to feel thankful, and for that thankfulness to bring you happiness. And, we’ll get the ball rolling… in today’s blog post, check out what some Home Office team members are grateful for!

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Creative Memories Scrapbooking Company Thriving in 2018!


It’s been three years since the Direct Selling News first interviewed Creative Memories’ then-new owner, Caleb Hayhoe, about his decision to resurrect the Creative Memories brand and scrapbooking products and create a never-before-seen direct sales and social selling earnings plan.

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Meet Us Monday: Shari Reiland

Hello! My name is Shari Rieland, and I am the Director of Product Development.

In my role, I have the privilege of managing the product life-cycle which starts with idea generation and ends with product evaluation after launch.

One of my favorite parts of this role is that I get to interact with so many people along the way from everyone inside the home office, to vendors near and far and with our customers, which of course includes our fabulous field of Advisors.

It is amazing how much you learn from others!

Since I joined CM back in 2005, I have always been in product development.  My first role was a Product Specialist on the Tools team and one of my first projects was the Tape Runner re-design….Nothing like stressing out the newbie with a re-design to one of the most popular CM products!

Fast forward 11 years (wow!) and I am now honored to be able to lead the process and keep driving us forward with our high quality products.  But I definitely do not do it alone!

I am very grateful to walk alongside the team at the Home Office and all of the Advisors who provide great feedback and insight to keep producing the best products.


When not at work, you will find my husband and I running our three kids to sporting events, hanging out on the lake (since we live in the state of 11,842 lakes but who’s counting) and spending as much time with family and friends as we can.

Oh, and right now building a new house- just a small task on the to-do list.

Meet Us Monday: Mark Lerud-President

Many of you ask about who it is that does this or that here at Home Office.

There are a lot of talented individuals that help support the Advisors, and ultimately bring you the top notch scrapbooking supplies you use.

Beginning today, and then each Monday going forward- we will introduce you to one of our employees who help make this CM world go round!

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Retreats, Crops and Other Events

Scrapbook Retreat SpaceThe heart of our business is, of course, getting photos into albums so they can be revisited and treasured for years to come. One spectacular bonus to this richly rewarding hobby is the time spent with other creative folks when you attend an event where the focus is on finishing albums.

CM Advisor Candace Bouldin shares some great tips and advice for anyone considering hosting their own crop or attending a cropping event on her blog. She offers super advice on all aspects – even how to organize and prep layouts before you even leave the house!

Fran Smitherman also recently shared a great article on how rewarding it can be as a member of The Scrapbooking Community. Another great read on how important photo albums are as a lifelong reminder of relationships as well as forming new ones, too.

We love hearing stories of folks who have connected and become lifelong friends as a result of scrapbooking. What’s your favorite connection you’ve made because of scrapbooking?

Your Biz, Your Way.

Creative Memories Independent Advisor LogoCM Advisor Stefani Jones did a little digging for us to find out exactly how other Advisors run their businesses. We love the variety, the flexibility and the opportunity to make this business fit into anyone’s lifestyle. If you’re interested in learning more about the opportunity, visit our website. Thanks for such a great post, Stef!

*             *             *

It’s a Thursday afternoon. I’m wrapping up at my full-time job and texting tonight’s host to let her know how pumped I am to come teach a card class at her house in a few hours.

After I tie up some loose ends and log off my work email account, I’m looking through my card class checklist. I’ll get the supplies and tools I need, pack them into my car, and head out soon so I can help my host and her four guests create the cards I’ve designed using fantastic CM tools and papers. Click to read full post

Steps to sign up as a CM Advisor

Signing up as an Advisor is as simple as ordering a product. Learn more about the CM Advisor opportunity.

If you are planning to sign as an Advisor, sign up before ordering and make sure you receive the email titled Welcome to confirm your Advisor status. It’s important to sign up BEFORE you place your first order to ensure your order is included in your account balance. If you order as a customer, then sign as an Advisor, your customer order will not count toward your balance.

These examples show someone signing up direct to the Company. If you wish to sign under a current Advisor, you’ll want to come to the site through their Advisor link. You can also choose your intended upline Advisor as you’re going through checkout.

To sign up, select “Join” on the top or left navigation.

Steps to become a CM Advisor

From the Join page you can click Learn More to get more detail on the Advisor program. Choose Sign Up Now to purchase the Advisor fee.

Steps to become a CM Advisor

After reviewing the Advisor Agreement and Policies, click the check box accepting the terms, then click Add to Cart and go through the Checkout process.

Steps to become a CM Advisor

Next you’ll want to click on My Account on the top of the site.

Steps to become a CM Advisor

This is your Dashboard where your personal order history will appear. To get to the Advisor back office, click the blue button.

Steps to become a CM Advisor

Below is the Advisor back office home page. It shares the three things you’ll want to do first. The most important is visiting the Advisor Basics page. It offers step-by-step tips on getting started, including how to set up your link, upload your photo, appear on the Advisor locator and more.

Steps to become a CM Advisor

Follow the steps, and that’s it – you’re in business! Welcome!

1. “Your Advisor:” – links and cookies. When I come through another Advisor’s link to sign up, I see their name and “Your Advisor” under the shopping cart. Once I signed up as an Advisor, their name disappears. Does that mean I am no longer connected to them?
Steps to become a CM AdvisorThat means the site is working as it should. Once you sign up as an Advisor, you will see your own name on the site. Your upline’s name is shown under your Settings in the Advisor back office, as shown to the right.

Cookies are set when people visit an Advisor’s site. Here’s how they work:

When you come through another Advisor’s link, the site thinks you are a customer. So it will show “Your Advisor:” and their photo next to the shopping cart.

If you are a customer and sign up to be an Advisor, the “Your Advisor” (now your upline) will disappear from under that area and it will be you instead.

image8The way to know if the site recognizes you (and that you’re logged in) is whether or not it says “Welcome, Your Name!” in the top left of the black header. If you see that, you’re logged in and the site knows it’s you. So you can order, check your back office, etc. as an Advisor.

2. I just signed up as an Advisor, and as I’m ordering, the site is not showing an Advisor discount.
Advisors order at retail so that your account balance grows faster, and so you have the same experience your customers do. You receive your ‘discount’ back as profit, as well as commissions earned on team members weekly for all Advisors who are signed up for direct deposit.