Meet Us Monday: Shari Reiland

Hello! My name is Shari Rieland, and I am the Director of Product Development.

In my role, I have the privilege of managing the product life-cycle which starts with idea generation and ends with product evaluation after launch.

One of my favorite parts of this role is that I get to interact with so many people along the way from everyone inside the home office, to vendors near and far and with our customers, which of course includes our fabulous field of Advisors.

It is amazing how much you learn from others!

Since I joined CM back in 2005, I have always been in product development.  My first role was a Product Specialist on the Tools team and one of my first projects was the Tape Runner re-design….Nothing like stressing out the newbie with a re-design to one of the most popular CM products!

Fast forward 11 years (wow!) and I am now honored to be able to lead the process and keep driving us forward with our high quality products.  But I definitely do not do it alone!

I am very grateful to walk alongside the team at the Home Office and all of the Advisors who provide great feedback and insight to keep producing the best products.


When not at work, you will find my husband and I running our three kids to sporting events, hanging out on the lake (since we live in the state of 11,842 lakes but who’s counting) and spending as much time with family and friends as we can.

Oh, and right now building a new house- just a small task on the to-do list.

25 thoughts on “Meet Us Monday: Shari Reiland

  1. Soooo…you’d be the one to beg for fabric-backed picfolio-type pocket pages in 12×12??? The clear pocket pages just don’t look nice and aren’t as sturdy, especially when we mix them in with our regular CM pages! Please please please???! :D

    1. Shari, So nice to meet you and your family. Beautiful children. I would love to see the digital come back. Also the photo developing. Not sure if your job description covers that area, but!!!

  2. Along with the tape runner redesign, please bring back the photo splits. I loved them and miss not having them. I would also love to see the CM Photo Center return as a cost effective way to have our photos printed.

  3. I really appreciate your hard work and dedication. I have been a loyal CM customer for 12+ years and look forward to new products. One request though, I’d like the option of buying the beautiful scrapbooks without the fast fab pages. I enjoy creating my own layouts and end up covering over the pre made layouts. Thanks.

  4. Great idea…to be able to meet the people behind the CM name!


  5. Shari, So great to meet the great people at Creative Memories!!!! Thanks for all you do for us!!! I started using CM products in 1998 & signed up as a consultant in 1999. I love the products!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  6. Welcome back, Shari. Two of the products I miss the most are the 8.5X11 portrait sleeve pages (either top or side loading) and the 12X12 pocket pages for cards and memorabilia. Any chance you can help bring those wonderful products back? I was a consultant for 13 years and still love CM’s simplicity and wonderful products! Kathy (Salts) Torrey

    1. I loved the 8.5×11 portrait sleeves, too. I’m a prolific journalist and loved putting my typed narratives in them, to fit in among the picture pages. But they MUST be side loading in order to keep up with our principle of top-sealed pages to keep out the dust that gathers on our shelves. That’s ONE of the many things about CM products that sets us apart from the rest of the world.

  7. Nice to meet you. What a nice way to get to know one another. Good luck on your “home” building – it is sometimes quite a challenge. Your family is beautiful! And thank you for all you do – I love new positive changes and new product. I have been with Creative Memories since 1994 and love what I do and all the great friendships that come along as a bonus for just doing and loving our job.

  8. CM products are the greatest! I’ve been a consultant for about 10 years. So thankful to have a lot of the core line back! I have customers asking for 11 x 14 Large Pocket Pages, Glue Pens, more variety of journaling pen colors, etc. A former consultant turned customer suggested considering adding a third strap in our flex-hinge albums to help hold the middle of the pages in the albums better. Thanks for all you do! Happy house building!

  9. Loved meeting you and your sweet family. Please bring back the Power Palates. I LOVE them and have used them since they were introduced. I have been a customer since Creative Memories was started! Love it!

  10. Nice to meet you and your beautiful family. That is the reason most of us scrapbook to preserve our family memories for generations to come. Thank you for the slow and steady addition of cm products.

  11. Nice to meet you. I have been a CM consultant for 16 years and really would love to see the portrait pages come back too. I need them for cards and letters. Thank you for all you do. Rhoda Collier

  12. really like the new tape runner. i was one of the first of our cropping group to use it. really smooth. i would like to suggest on the personal trimmer would you consider a see through hold down bar and 1/8″ measurements markings on it. this would help with matting pictures as i mat then trim.
    thank you

    1. I would love to see a book or pamphlet come out showing all the different ways you can use the different border maker cartridges. I am always ready for new ideas.

  13. Love the design of the current tape runner, this one has been the best of all of them over the years!  Just wanted you to know!  :) Tedra Raden7146 N. 28th DrivePhoenix, AZ. 85051 

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  14. Hi Shari! Thanks for sharing with us who you are and what you do. Also, you have a beautiful family – thanks for sharing them through your photo. Thanks for all you do! Blessings in your CM role and as wife and mother!

  15. So happy to put a face and family behind the name. I have used Creative Memories products for decades as a customer and now since the bankrupty prior to Ahni and Zoe, I have been an Independent Advisor. The cartridge dispenser was awesome development, I so hated the old tape runners and had to always run to my CM Consultant to put it in many problems . I find everyone so happy with the cartridges, I only wish there was reycling for them,many customers comment about that in our environmentally aware market now days. I am soon going to buy the repositional tape, it sounds awesome.

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