Home Decor: Create a DIY Rolled Paper Wreath

When I saw the Painted Harvest Collection I thought of the warmness it exuded.

That warm, fuzzy, comfy feeling of home.

Immediately, I had to create something for my home decor.

I wanted to duplicate the paper wreath in which I created for the current catalog using the Cool Serenity Collection.


I basically created this same wreath, only I used more cones to give it more layers!


I cut several pieces of 4″ x 4″ pieces of designer paper.  I rolled each piece into a cone, so that one end was pointed.  Use a glue gun to adhere the flap to the outer edge of the cone.

Cut a piece of cardboard insert from your paper pack to measure 6″ x 6″.  Begin by adhering the cones around the outer edge of the cardboard using your glue gun.  Continue to create as many layers of cones as you wish.

Using a CCS-Circle, I cut several sized circles from different designer papers.  Adhere/layer using foam squares.  Adhere to the center of the wreath using your glue gun.

Punch a hole in the cardboard piece using a hole punch.  Tie a piece of string or twine to the cardboard to hang from the wall or your front door!

This is a wreath that could be created using any collection of papers.  Wouldn’t it be great to have one for each holiday or season?

With the Christmas season right around the corner, just scale it down a bit (actually a lot), and create an ornament for your tree, or create one for a gift or two using the Christmas Past Collection.


To create a Christmas ornament, cut squares to measure 2″ x 2″.  Follow the same steps as above.

Happy Creating!



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  1. Love this!! I especially like the ornament!! Before I saw it I was thinking that would look great in Christmas Past. Very good work, Melissa!! You are so talented!!

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