Happy Birthday Creative Memories!


These birthday favors sure are something to celebrate, just like our birthday this week! Using the Sugarplum Collection, you can make party favor packages just like this for any special occasion.

Party Favors!

To complete these party favors you will need:

Candy Cone



Cut a 6″ square of paper and use Midnight Star border cartridge to decorate 2 edges.  Roll paper and secure where paper overlaps with tape runner.



Add an embellishment with foam squares for decoration and candy!

Treat Bag



Cut a 6 x 12″ piece of paper and fold in half across the width, then fold 1″ in on each end and then fold 3/4″ on either side of the first fold.  Please refer to photo to understand explanation.


Fold the paper in half and insert the candy inbetween the two halves.  Fold the top over with the candy bag and punch two holes through all of the layers.  Add ribbon to hold candy in place.  Add embellishment with foam squares and add a message if you like.


Fortune Teller


Cut a 6″ square, fold paper in half and in half again to make squares.  Unfold and fold in half diagonally to make triangles and then fold again.

Unfold and fold four corners into center to meet, flip and fold four corners again to meet in the center.  Pop open the corners that are not folded to make a dish and fill with candy.


Party favours can be fun to make with supplies you already have in your scrapbooking bag!

Happy Birthday!


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