Scrapbooking Design in Half the Time with Fast2Fab™ & Peekaboo Pockets™


I wasn’t sure Creative Memories could improve on the beautiful, versatile Fast2Fab™ Albums. Until I tried using the new Peekaboo Pockets™ in them, that is. A whole new world of options opened up for me! Here are a few ways I found to use the pockets to make the Full Bloom Fast2Fab™ pages work even better with my photos and stories.

To create these scrapbooking layouts you’ll need:


Stop and Smell the Roses Scrapbook Layout


Peekaboo Pockets™ are a great way to make the Fast2Fab™ pages that have preprinted photo boxes accommodate extra photos. Simply add a pocket over a photo in a box and add another photo. You can even stack an additional pocket or two on top to create a mini-book of photos!


On my layout, I adhered a 4-1/2″ x 6-1/2″ mat with journal boxes over the preprinted box, cropped a photo for one side and journaled on the other side. On the opposite page, I stuck a photo on the top side of the pocket and inserted a decorative mat to show behind.


I stuck a little flower sticker on top of the pocket as a tab for turning (adding a dab of powder to the exposed edge to remove stickiness). Flowers punched from the dewdrop and embossed trio flower punches, together with large flower embellishments, add color to the layout.

Recipe Scrapbook Layout


I love that I can add extra memorabilia that I might not have had room for by using Peekaboo Pockets™ !


In this layout of our stay at a wonderful B&B in Santa Fe, I wanted to add more of the “flavor” of the inn’s amazing breakfasts. Over a photo of one of their dishes I added a pocket containing a recipe of one of our favorite breakfasts there. My husband gets a bit annoyed when I take food shots, but I love how they really capture the experience we had! By using pockets, I can tuck some of the details away yet still include them!


I try to keep Fast2Fab™ pages simple as they’re intended, but it’s fun to embellish a little. Here, I punched a doily border with the coral paper, cut it in half lengthwise and applied it near the bottom of the page; flower embellishments to add some color. I added a 1″ wide coral ribbon, notched at the bottom, to the journal box. It complements the small ribbon I attached to the pocket on the opposite side.

Panorama Scrapbook Layout


Taking panorama shots of beautiful vistas is a way I try to capture what I’m seeing. It’s always difficult to figure out a way to display them in my album. Not anymore!


By using two Peekaboo Pockets™ accordion style, I was able to include a gorgeous series of desert lake photos in this layout.


As a bonus, I was able to add another photo and journal box on the “back” side of the panorama.


The arrow sticker worked great to direct the reader to “pull” the tab open and reveal the pictures. I punched a few zig zags from paper scraps to add a little Southwest flair, and cut apart a couple of mats to form the title box.

I hope you love the Fast2Fab™ & Peekaboo Pockets™ combo as much as I do! If you need a few tips for using the pockets, check out this video: How to Use Peekaboo Pockets.

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12 thoughts on “Scrapbooking Design in Half the Time with Fast2Fab™ & Peekaboo Pockets™

  1. Great idea! These sound like something I would use. I am all the time trying to create my own. These would work much better!

  2. I LOVE the idea of using the Peek-a-boo pockets for panorama shots!!! Excellent!!! This will come in handy!

  3. And what do you do about the Page Protector? Just stick the pocket to the Page Protector in approximately the right place? Doesn’t really seem very practical.

    1. Lynette, you simply adhere the pocket right on the page protector. I wasn’t sure about it either until I tried it. It works really well and looks great! Hope you give it a try!

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