How to Create Valentine’s Day Decorations Using the Digital Bee Mine Collection

Valentine’s Day 2018 is just around the corner! For those of you who may be planning a special evening for a special someone, a get-together with a group of friends or maybe you’d just like to surprise the kids with a fun surprise on Valentine’s Day morning, we’ve got the PERFECT project for you! What is it, you ask?

 A Valentine’s Day Banner using the Digital Bee Mine Kit! The best part? You can do it all with minimal supplies or you can enhance it with fun add-ons such as embellishments. I love making these banners for my home for all of the different holidays and it worked perfectly for my LOVE banner!

To create this Valentine’s Day Banner, you will need:


I started by making a 5×7 gray banner shape digitally. Then I copied and pasted this shape and filled the one on top with paper.  I used a different paper for each banner because there are so many beautiful papers and I didn’t want to leave any out!


I also hid my background paper, which is why it is grayed out here.  I will explain that later as to why I hid it.

soften edge

After filling the top shape with paper, I used a filter to soften the edge so that the background gray color would show around the edge and give the banner a bit of dimension and rounded edge look.


To make the letters, I used a text shape in the “Fat” font, filled each letter with a different paper from Bee Mine and added a 3D filter on the edge.  I added shadows to all of the embellishments as well.



I printed each banner as a 5×7 print and then cut off the extra.


Then I punched a hole in each corner and ran a piece of ribbon through leaving extra on the end to hang it.


So, remember I mentioned I hid my background on each banner? Well here is why… I made a digital banner that I can use on my digital layouts or on a card over and over again.  I saved each page of my banner in a personal art kit and then I can add them to a page or card and make a banner. If your background is not hidden, then you will have a white background on each file when you save it.


I made a string by adding a fuzzy curved line to join the banners together. I then added a heart pin to each end to anchor it and added a 3D Filter to each heart.

You can use this banner many different ways; here I added it to a photo and also repeated them to make a long banner to go across the page.

4.25 x 5.5 Card Sketch - Page 004

Here I made a card front to add to a piece of Cardstock.  I used the banner large and joined them together to make a repeating banner.

2018 Design Work - Page 001

Here I have used all three of my examples on a digital page, on a photo, repeating and large.  I have added heavy shadows to the banners to give them that extra pop.

Have fun creating your own banner!



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