DIY Tutorial: How to Make Black & White Decorative Paper Fans


It’s LAUNCH DAY for the new super chic, super versatile Black & White scrapbook collection… who is loving it? We sure are!

You likely noticed the stunning paper fans in the background of the images on the website (and pictured above) – want to know how to make them? While you wait for your black and white scrapbook products to arrive on your doorstep, check out this easy craft tutorial on how you can make black and white decorative paper fans; they’ll be a fun decoration for any occasion!

To make one paper fan you’ll need:

Step 1: Take two matching sheets of designer paper and cut each 12″ x 12″ paper in half.  After cutting you should end up with four 6″ x 12″ papers.

Step 2: I stacked the papers to fold, so they would be the same size. However, you can keep them separate. Either way, you must fold each piece of paper in an accordion style.

Step 3: Using your Tape Runner, adhere each piece of paper together, over lapping 1 accordion fold over the other creating one long piece of paper.

Step 10

Step 4: Continue to connect each piece of the accordion sheets of paper, until you form a circle.

Step 5: Gather the inner edges of the circle, pushing down so that all the inner edges are touching each other until the paper fan shape forms.

Step 15

Step 6: Then using your Custom Cutting System, you need to create a circle that is about two or more inches in size.

Step 7: Quickly place the circle paper over the center adhering with your tape runner and press down until it is secure. I used a different color so it would easily show the design. You could definitely glue one to the front and back sides if you like the look!


Step 8: And then you are done with your first fan! You can even make different sizes, as long as you always start out with a perfect square with equal sides.

So, that’s one fun idea for how to use the new Black & White Paper Pack for decorations. Comment below and tell us YOUR ideas!

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  1. I’m familiar with the name “rosette” for this technique. I have used rosettes for layouts and cards. They are really pretty. Black and white is a winner!

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