Using the Digital Mix & Match Kits to Make Fantastic Floral Digital Scrapbook Layouts

Anybody who scrapbooks digitally will tell you that having a plethora of options is just as important as it is with traditional scrapbooking. You want to be able to add all of the accent pieces, decorations and embellishments that you can to tie the layout together. Thankfully, Digital Mix & Match Kits have everything you need to make your pages pop. This is especially true for those who enjoy using floral decorations to spice up their pages. These Mix & Match Kits, available in pink, blue, green, orange and yellow, include all the papers and floral elements you need to create a gorgeous aesthetic for your digital scrapbook layouts. Check out why blog contributor Beth loves them so much!

Beth’s Inspiration

Flowers, flowers and flowers are my favorite embellishments in digital and traditional scrapbooking. There is no shortage of flowers in these Digital Mix & Match Kits and the wonderful addition of leaves is fantastic!


Here I have layered four flowers along with two leaves and a gemstone. I added a heavy shadow on each of the embellishments to make them stand out from each other.


The Digital White Script ABC/123 Elements are layered and merged together so that they look like they are scripted together. I added a shadow to have them pop from the background paper. These digital floral designs make scrapbooking so much fun! It truly feels like the possibilities are endless.

I love how all of the flowers work together in one layout no matter what papers you use for your page. This helps create a consistent theme for any page, while also adding beautiful accent pieces that work well with almost any page design.


Not only do you have a large option for decorations to use, but the features of digital scrapbooking allow you to customize your decorations in so many different ways! This opens up a whole new world of possibilities when you’re putting together your books.

Whether you want to use floral designs or something else from the kit, Digital Mix & Match Kits have everything you need to add great accent pieces to your digital layouts. How do you use the Digital Mix & Match Kits? Comment below!

Happy Creating!





9 thoughts on “Using the Digital Mix & Match Kits to Make Fantastic Floral Digital Scrapbook Layouts

    1. I don’t quite understand “digital scrapbooking”.I’ve been working on a couple books with my photos already.

    1. Hi Myrna,
      Thank you! I use Artisan to create my pages and the way I add a shadow is quite simple in this program. Go to the Format ribbon at the top and then click on Light, Heavy or Custom in Shadows. Hope this was helpful.

    1. Hi Carolyn, CM does not print projects. I use Forever to print photo books. Hope that helps!

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