Stay Mellow with a Maritime Beach-Themed Scrapbook Layout

Time seems to move at a different pace on the beach. There’s something about the feeling of sand under your toes, blue skies overhead and water nearby that makes you forget about your stressors and problems for the day. Although many of us can’t spend every day on the beach, with the Maritime collection you can create a nautical-themed scrapbook layout that captures how peaceful it is to be near the water. Blog contributor Nicole recently created a beautiful Maritime scrapbook layout to showcase her family’s beach memories. Check it out!

Nicole’s Inspiration:

What do you think about the Maritime collection? It’s like this collection was made specifically for me since I live near the water and I’m always taking photos on the water. (Sometimes, I take too many!)

About ten years ago, Pete and I were taking our boat out for a little ride when we spotted a woman, man and a toddler up on the haul getting untied. It looked so wonderful! I looked at Pete and said, “That’s gonna be us someday!” Well, ten years later, that vision and statement are true. I love our little family and the memories that we make together each and every day. We have the most fun on the water!

Ocean Breeze_Creative Memories_Nicole Martel_Maritime collection

To complete this 12×12 layout, you will need:


To begin this layout, I used the blue anchor paper for the base. Then, I used the 12-inch Straight Trimmer to cut the crab patterned paper down to 11″ x 11″ and mounted it to the center of the base.

I mounted a 4″ x 4″ photo to the far left side of the layout, two inches from the bottom of the crab patterned paper. I added another 4″ x 4″ photo overlapping the first photo to allow me to squeeze in another photo. I mounted the 4″ x 6″ mat as shown then mounted another mat above the sail boat mat with a photo.


Once I was satisfied with the placement of the photos, I used the Precision Point Adhesive Pen to adhere a few of the Laser Cut Embellishments at the top and bottom of the strip of photos.


To complete the layout, I added a few stickers as shown using a few Foam Squares.

Are you ready to grab the Maritime collection for yourself? I really like the softer color palette and patterns in this collection. What’s your favorite part about this collection? Let me know in the comments below!


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