Celebrate Your Baseball Fanatic with this Digital Sports Scrapbook Layout

Is your little athlete an absolute fanatic about sports? Seeing kids enthusiastic about playing the game they love goes hand-in-hand with what the Fanatic collection is all about — coming together to celebrate what we’re passionate about. With the Digital Fanatic Kit, you can make digital sports scrapbook layouts showcasing your star athlete’s dedication paying off on the court, field or wherever their passion takes them. Check out what blog contributor Beth had to say about the Digital Fanatic Kit and learn how to make a gorgeous digital sports scrapbook layout in today’s post!

Beth’s Inspiration

Our son is a fanatic about baseball, so the Digital Fanatic Kit is perfect for his baseball photos! Summer is all about nights and weekends spent at the ball field and I captured lots of great moments of Grant playing ball this summer!

Here the photos are cut into circles and layered over the baseball embellishment and used as a mat. There is a shadow placed on both the photo and the embellishment.

For the story on this page, the journal box was text wrapped around the baseball mats, then duplicated and filled in with red and layered under the white text so it will pop off of the dirt background.


Layering embellishments on a layout is a way of creating your own unique embellishments. I used the “Ball is Life” embellishment, baseballs reduced in size and banners rotated and duplicated. Also, the text was added in a triangle shape. These were all layered together over an enlarged baseball to make a cluster embellishment.


The Digital Fanatic Kit is fantastic for so many events, themes and everyday life occasions! How are you using the Digital Fanatic Kit? Comment below!



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