Make Your Holiday Albums Complete with this Christmas Photo Checklist

How beautiful is Christmas? The freshly fallen snow (in some parts of the country!), the decorated Christmas tree, the shimmering lights and the smiling faces of loved ones — it’s all so visually appealing! The Christmas season is full of photo opportunities, and if you aren’t careful, you may miss out on some of them! If you want to make sure that your Christmas scrapbooks have all the pictures you could ever want this holiday season, use this Christmas photo checklist!

  1. Decorated Christmas tree
  2. Christmas lights (both inside and outside)
  3. Close-up of home decor – like the stockings hung up!
  4. Someone wrapping presents
  5. Presents under the tree
  6. Playing in the snow (or outside in warmer climates)
  7. Favorite family traditions
  8. Someone wearing a Santa hat
  9. Writing letters to Santa
  10. Watching your favorite Christmas movie
  11. A kiss under the mistletoe
  12. Family photos (before church service, party, etc.)
  13. Making Christmas cookies
  14. Milk and cookies for Santa
  15. Christmas pajamas
  16. Kids waiting to unwrap presents on Christmas morning
  17. The unwrapping aftermath
  18. The Christmas dinner table set

With all these photos at your disposal, you can guarantee that your Christmas scrapbooks look better than ever this year! Comment below and let us know what you would add to this photo checklist!

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