Beth Beller: An Advisor Success Story

Have you ever looked into the Advisor program? Freedom, simplicity and income — it almost seems too good to be true. While there are no caps and no limitations on what you can do, it’s still easy to wonder if you can make a full-time living running your own CM business… The answer is a resounding YES! Want some proof? Check out Advisor Beth Beller’s story as to how she was able to increase her business efforts and find great success in doing something that she loves to do!

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Have you ever thought about what you want from your home-based business? I have been doing that a lot the last few months! For the past four years, I had been in two different direct sales companies, one being Creative Memories and the other being a different type of photo-related business. I was building both and making a good income with both companies until last September when the other company decided to close its doors. Suddenly, I was out a job that I loved and a decent-sized income. I had to make a decision to step up my CM business to make up that difference as I was not going to give up on my one, five and 10-year plan!


I needed to make a new plan to add an additional $2,000 a month with CM!!! At that time, my personal sales for the year were right around $20,000 and my team sales were at $97,000. I put out a challenge to my team to break $100,000 and I wanted to get to $25,000. Within the month, both goals were met. Just two months later, I was at $37,000 in personal sales and my team was at $170,000 (and NO, I am not stocking my shelves – I do not believe in that!). So the big question is, how did I get there?


First, I made an appointment to brainstorm ideas with Diane Lampert from U.S. Home Office. Then, I became laser-focused on my business, my team and my clients. I set goals (and they were specific) with deadlines. I talked with my team and helped those who wanted to move their business forward. I worked with them to set their own goals and gave them ideas for parties and crops. We worked on Page Recipe Classes, Crops, Retreats and how to grow their sales. We brainstormed different ways to gain new customers and how they could help spread the word about their business. I thanked my customers over and over for supporting my small, home-based business and not the big box stores. I held more parties/classes where I had the opportunity to show more and sell more. I did what I wanted to do!


Staying laser-focused on my goals and helping others made a HUGE difference in my income. I never looked at CM as a job I could do “here and there.” I treated it like a part-time job… just one that I could do from my home. I worked every day IN my business; making calls, setting up events and getting my name out there. My time was not spent organizing and reading social media, etc. If something was not income generating, I did not do it.


I knew CM could be exactly what I wanted it to be, and my growth has been great. I am not done yet and I’m looking forward to helping others do the same thing! I’ve learned your “why” has to be bigger than your excuses. Anyone can do what I and my team have done. My advice to you is to set a goal and go for it!

If you’re looking to jumpstart your business or replace lost income, consider becoming a CM Advisor! If you’re already an Advisor, comment below what you love about it or share a success story. If you’re thinking that maybe you’d like to join, comment below and tell us that too!

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  1. I love this: “My time was not spent organizing and reading social media, etc. If something was not income generating, I did not do it.” Those are words to put into practice in all areas of my life! Thanks, Beth, for your leadership and example.

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