Weekly Sketch Round-Up Jan. 21-25

We all have busy schedules. Between your job, housework, managing your family and all your other extracurricular activities, it can oftentimes be hard to find time in your daily schedule to do the things you love, such as being creative. While it can be hard to find this time, the benefits are so noticeable. You’re a much happier person when you get to do the things you love daily, especially scrapbooking. If you need an excuse to take some time and scrapbook throughout the week, try making these sketches that were featured on the Creative Memories Instagram page (@CreativeMemories) throughout the past week. You won’t regret it!

Sketch #1

Sketch #2

Love the Walkabout scrapbook layout shown above? Get the instructions here!

Sketch #3

Want to create the Happy BirthYAY layout shown above? Get instructions now!

Sketch #4

Everyone has a busy schedule, but there are so many benefits to carving out some time to be creative. Try and find some time in the next few days to pursue your creative interests, such as trying out these sketches! We promise you that you’ll go to bed much happier at the end of each day.

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