Weekly Sketch Round-Up August 19-23

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a second — how many of us actually get to craft as much as we’d like? Unfortunately, due to day-to-day routines and responsibilities, it can be hard to find time to create. Often, the only way it ever gets done is if you specifically carve out time in your schedule. That’s our challenge for you this week: Set aside distraction-free crafting time so you can work on some of the sketches presented in today’s Weekly Sketch Round-Up. Let’s check them out!

Sketch #1

Want to learn step-by-step instructions on how to create this wonder-filled layout? Check out this blog post!

Sketch #2

Got borders on the brain? Read this blog post to learn how to add a classically-crafty touch to any project!

Sketch #3

This sketch is based off the July Happy Album reflection layout, which you can learn more about in this blog post!

Sketch #4

Kick your creativity into gear and reference this blog post to make this border for yourself!

So, how does some responsibility-free scrapbook time sound? If it’s been a while, try scheduling time this week where you can unplug from the world and treat yourself to a few crafty hours (or more!) — you’ll be happy you did it! Which of these sketches do you want to try out this week? Comment below!

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