Keep Things Carefree with this Floral Scrapbook Layout

The best days in life are the ones spent in a casual, laid-back state of mind. All your problems and to-do’s just seem to flow right past you rather than becoming your entire focus. These days produce the best smiles and simplest moments that can mean so much! Take a look at the idea below and see how you can create carefree floral scrapbook layouts for yourself!

To create this layout, you will need:

Step 1: Use of piece of floral patterned paper as the base for this layout.

Step 2: Cut five rectangles from various patterned papers to measure 2″ x 10″, 12″ x 1″ and 12″ x 6″. Use the 12-inch Trimmer Perforating Blade to create a 1/4″ crease along the left side of each rectangle. Mount the rectangles from smallest to biggest vertically across the base using a Tape Runner.

Step 3: Use the Custom Cutting System with Circle Patterns and the Red Blade to cut a large circle from the white floral patterned paper, making sure the blade cuts along the outer edge of the circle. Mount the circle to the middle of the floral rectangle, as shown.

Step 4: Mat one 4″ x 6″ photo onto a mat from the Daydreamer Variety Mat Pack. Add another smaller mat behind the matted photo and adhere it to the circle, as shown. 

Step 5: Use the 12-inch Trimmer Perforating Blade to create a faux stitched appearance on each of the flowers.

Step 6: Complete the layout using desired embellishments. Use Foam Squares to add dimension.

What sorts of easygoing moments and memories will you be bringing to life with this floral scrapbook layout? Let us know in the comments below!

8 thoughts on “Keep Things Carefree with this Floral Scrapbook Layout

  1. with the pages perforated like that: 1) Would it not loose its effect with a page protector? and 2) if you don’t use a page protector, wouldn’t it get creased with opening and closing of the book with lots of pages in it?

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