NSD 2020 Happy Hour Virtual Crop

Welcome to the first-ever National Scrapbook Day Happy Hour Virtual Crop! We’re so excited that you’ve decided to join us — we’ve got an extended afternoon full of cropping, crafting, creativity (and perhaps saying “cheers!”) and the chance to win an exclusive 12×12 album cover! Let’s get started!

If it’s your first time participating in a Virtual Crop and you’d like a quick walk-through of what to expect before we get started, you can get the 411 on Virtual Crops here, including how to participate, what you’ll need, examples of challenges and more.

Reminder About Post Approvals & Security

IMPORTANT: THIS IS A FREE EVENT. If you see anything asking you to enter credit card information, it is NOT LEGITIMATE.

Due to spam posts because of the popularity of our virtual events, we have had to change our virtual events so that each post submitted must be approved by an admin.

  • The Home Office team will approve your post as quickly as possible. Please give the team 4 hours to approve your post.
  • All posts submitted from now through the 11:59pm CT deadline on Sunday will be reviewed and approved prior to the winner selection on Thursday, May 7.
  • Thank you! This is to ensure the safety and enjoyment of this event for everyone!

How It Works

We will host three (3) challenges on Saturday, May 2, at 3pm, 4pm and 5pm (all CT) (Australia Sunday, 3 May at 10am, 11am, 12pm all AET). When you post your version of a challenge, you’ll have a chance to win the exclusive album cover! 

Ways to Win: 

  • There will be one random winner selected for each challenge. 
  • There will be one winner for most creatively-themed NSD drink — post your photo and your recipe in this event! (Hint: You can post anytime!)
  • There will be one random winner selected from every attendee who posts a “hello” message, as well as where they are scrapbooking from. 
  • For Challenges #1 and #2, you can use any CM product for your projects for a chance to win!
  • For Challenge #3 you must use a National Scrapbook Day Kit to win.

The Prize

The prize for all 3 challenges of the NSD Happy Hour Virtual Crop will be the exclusive 12×12 Caribbean Strawberries Album Cover. Prizes will be awarded to three participants in each challenge. We will award the prizes randomly, but to win, it must be evident that you have used the sketch we provided as inspiration to create a project using predominantly Creative Memories products. We will also be awarding one album cover to the winner of the drink challenge and one album cover will be awarded at random to someone who says hello in the event page (Australia: Click here for your event) and tells us where they are scrapping from. Prizes will be announced on Thursday, May 7, at 3pm CT.

Now, let the fun begin!

Challenge #1

TUTORIAL: Watch the videos below to see Diane & Kelly from Home Office create a sketch.

  1. Watch Diane’s & Kelly’s videos above.
  2. Create a layout following the sketch below.
  3. Take a photo of your completed project.
  4. Post the photo of your completed page, spread, border or card to the NSD Happy Hour Virtual Crop Facebook Event Page (Australia: Click here for your event) AND add #CM1, #CM2, #CM3, etc., to the caption/comments. You will add the hashtag that matches the challenge that you are submitting. No words needed, just stick to the hashtag CM with numbers as this is a bilingual event! Feel free to use other hashtags as well, such as #NSDVC2020 or #CreativeMemories, but BE SURE to include #CM1, #CM2, etc., so we can find your post. For Instagram users, you will need to add #NSDVC2020 AND #CM1, #CM2, etc., so your post can be found.
  5. You have the entire event to submit all 3 challenges. To see your final deadline date and time, check when your Facebook event ends; this will show you the date and time in your time zone. Keep refreshing the Facebook Event Page (Australia: Click here for your event) to see others’ masterpieces!

Challenge #2

  1. Watch the video created by Marja from Home Office.
  2. Create your interpretation of her card.
  3. Take a photo of your completed project.
  4. Post the photo of your completed page to the Event page (Australia: Click here for your event).

TUTORIAL: Watch the video below to see Marja from Home Office create a card.

Challenge #3

  1. This challenge will be a live walk-through of the NSD Project Recipe™ with Diane from Home Office. Head to the Event Page to watch Diane’s live video that explains the project. (For the Australian event, please look for the video by Tracey from Home Office.)
  2. Grab your NSD Project Recipe™ Kit and get ready to create
  3. To be eligible to win this challenge, you must use a NSD Project Recipe™ Kit BUT you can still participate for fun using other products.
  4. Post your completed NSD Project Recipe™ to the Event page (Australia: Click here for your event).

Thanks for joining us! When posting your projects on social media, use #CMVirtualCrop and #CreativeMemories to share your excitement!


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27 thoughts on “NSD 2020 Happy Hour Virtual Crop

  1. To whom this may concern…… Can you please limit the number of emails you are sending out. I am getting several emails from you daily. It is getting tiresome…you are sending too many emails. Please cut back.

    1. It’s because there’s a NSD virtual crop going on this weekend. All new challenges are being emailed out to those signed up for the blog.

    2. I’m with you Donna, I have actually emailed CM to request the same thing, but unfortuntately you can’t unless you opt out of everything.

  2. Hello from Thomasville Tennessee where we are having a Zoom NSD. I have 8 customers who joined me today. Love the videos you are putting on with the challenges.

      1. Creative Memories, All I can find are Challenges 1, 2, 3 and 11 and 12!!
        Where are the rest?? Having difficulty navigating the site! 😢

    1. Did you get an answer to this? I can’t find it either. I think its all in the live part but I can’t seem to find the link to the live part???

      1. It’s right above the comments here, using the NSD Project Recipe kit. Hope that helps.

  3. I had a lot of technical challenges with too many screens – NSD Virtiual + Blog + Happy Hour… Clicking links resulted in several times the previous crop came up and I was looking at challenge sketches from there. I finally saved a few to my fav browser and closed everything to start over…Its all a great deal of fun but I spent a lot of time managing the chaos in my computer today. I am so far behind I might have to stay up all night to complete all the challenges!

  4. Hello from St. Francois Xavier, Manitoba, Canada – loving all the challenges and trying to keep up!

  5. I am only finding the sketch for #1 of the Happy Hour. Where are challenges #2 & #3

  6. Hello from Zorra Township, Ontario. Only made 2 layouts today. Here’s hoping I get more done tomorrow!

    1. Hello Barb, I live in London, Ontario. Miss going to Embro, Ontario. I made one card and started one more, need more time for the page layouts. Need to organize my pictures.

  7. Hello everyone. I’m scrapping from Mollymook Beach on the south coast of NSW Australia. So good to see so many people here joining in.

  8. Got the original 12 challenges done! Like the videos with the challenges! Love the frame video with folding the paper into triangles!! Works great! Thanks for all tips, tricks & page plans!
    Going to try and do the Happy Hour ones as well today! Happy National Scrapbook Day! Everyone! From Whitecourt, AB 🇨🇦

    1. Wow! You are good! I could only find 3 of the challenges and then 11 and 12! Frustrated.

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