Weekly Sketch Round-Up May 4-8

Another week has come and gone, but there wan’t any shortage of creative ideas and inspiration! Are you looking for some fun projects to try out? Well, you’re in luck with the Weekly Sketch Round-Up! Take a look for yourself — check out the four sketches below and let us know which ones you plan on making!

Sketch #1

Elevate your scrapbooking game with this aerial layout! Learn how to make it by checking out this blog post!

Sketch #2

Instructions for this card will be coming to the blog soon!

Sketch #3

We’ll be soaring to new (and fun!) heights with this layout! The step-by-step instructions will posted to the blog shortly — stay tuned!

Sketch #4

Ready to ride some creative rails? Then make way for this awesome border! Keep an eye out on the blog to learn how to create it!

Will you be trying out any of these fun projects this week? If so, comment below and tell us which ones! We want to know!

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