Perfect the Pine With This DIY Christmas Tree Garland

Who says scrapbook supplies can only be used for scrapbooking? For a creative person, these supplies are a blank canvas for all sorts of unique projects, including Christmas decor! Garlands are such a festively fun way to deck out your home — wrapped around a tree, atop the mantlepiece, down the banister and more — and blog contributor Tina Kistinger decided to give the good ol’ fashioned garland her own crafty twist as a mini DIY Christmas tree garland using Creative Memories products!

I created a DIY Christmas tree garland that would be perfect for decorating a miniature Christmas tree for your desk, coffee table or shelf.

Project by Tina Kistinger – CM Independent Advisor

To create this project, you’ll need:

Step 1: Punch out reindeers and sleighs from various patterned paper.

Step 2: Punch a hole on the reindeer heads under the antlers using a hole punch.

Step 3: String the reindeers and sleighs using baker’s twine or ribbon

Step 4: Wrap around your miniature Christmas tree!

What types of DIY Christmas tree garlands have you created (or will create!) using the scrapbook supplies found in your craft room? Tell us all about them in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “Perfect the Pine With This DIY Christmas Tree Garland

  1. What a cute garland! We don’t use garlands on our Christmas tree–but it might be worth a try to add something. :-)

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