This Summer Scrapbook Layout Blooms an Air of Tropical Flair

Hibiscus flowers offer a big, bold look for your yard, deck and patio, as well as beachfront locations, of course! You know what else offers a big, bold (and beautiful!) presence? The Summertime collection and the Summertime Journal Template! (Hint: There’s plenty of hibiscus icons and patterns to be found and drawn!) Take a look for yourself with this summer scrapbook layout — it surely brings the creative heat!

To create this layout you will need:

Step 1: Use a piece of hot pink tropical florals paper as the base for this layout.

Step 2: Cut a piece of White Solid Cardstock to measure 11″ x 11″. Using a makeup sponge, dab a CM Dot Tip Pen onto the end of it and then rub along the edges of the cardstock. Adhere the cardstock to the layout.

Step 3: Using the Dot Tip Pens, create a background for the layout — use the diamond shapes on the Summertime Journal Template and cover the cardstock with random diamonds.

Step 4: On the white and black specked paper, trace the circle journal boxes with the Splash Dot Tip Pen. Using the outside of the small Custom Cutting System Circle Pattern and the Red Blade, cut the journal shape from the paper. Using the Summer Sun Dot Tip Pen and a makeup sponge, dab along the edges of the circle.  

Step 5: Using the outside of the small Custom Cutting System Circle Pattern and the Green Blade, cut a circle from the hot pink tropical florals paper. Adhere to the layout in the bottom-right corner.

Step 6: Using the outside of the medium Custom Cutting System Circle Pattern, draw a line using the Summer Sun Dot Pen. Use the larger dot end of the pen to go back and create dots about every 1/4″ around the circle.

Step 7: Cut out six photos that measure 3″ x 3″. 

Step 8: Cut a piece of yellow pineapples paper to measure 6-1/2″ x 6-1/2″. Ink edges with the Dot Tip Pens if desired. Adhere four photos to the yellow pineapples piece and adhere in the lower-left corner of the layout.

Step 9: Cut two pieces from yellow pineapples paper to measure 3-1/4″ x 3-1/4″. Mat two of the photos on these pieces.

Step 10: Cut two pieces to measure 3-1/2″ x 3-1/2″ from the dotted paper. Mat the previous mats/photos onto these pieces. Adhere to the layout.

Step 11: Using the Summertime Journal Template, trace the inside of the hibiscus flowers with your pens. Draw lines/crosshatch in the pattern to fill in the hibiscus flowers. Ink on edges if desired. Cut around the hibiscus flowers with scissors.

Step 12: Trace the middle of the journal circle strips with a pencil on White Solid Cardstock. Then cut them out just inside of the pencil lines. Ink edges if desired. Adhere to the top of the strips on the circle. Journal as desired.

Step 13: Trace, ink and cut out “Summer” banner from the template. Adhere to the layout with the hibiscus flowers. 

What about this summer scrapbook layout do you like the most? And what photos would you share on this layout? Tell us!

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  1. Sooo pretty and so many pictures in these pages. Thank you for the summer inspiration!

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