Sketch Round-Up June 14-27

We all set aside time for the things that are important to us, from our day-to-day career to personal matters. You make the deadline at work, the kiddos enjoy their sports and activities, we take the time to call loved ones, the laundry and cleaning get done (eventually!). Scrapbooking is just as important — as a welcome “me time” hobby and as a way to preserve important moments and history — so it should also be a priority, right?! So, if you feel like you need “permission” to start scrapping: HERE, you have our CM stamp of approval and endorsement! Take a look at these four awesome projects and try to add at least one (if not all!) to your to-do list this week!  

Sketch #1

Wowza, talk about a summertime delight! Bring on the creative heat by making this layout — all you have to do is follow the step-by-step instructions in this blog post!

Sketch #2

The Botanical Burst collection surely brings on the flower power! Check out this blog post to learn how to create this stunner for yourself!

Sketch #3

Sketch #3 sets sail toward coastal charisma! Pier at this blog post to learn how to make it!

Sketch #4

Interested in creating a layout with laser-cut papers? Well, you can — follow along with this blog post to make this waterfront wonder!

Love creating scrapbook layouts from sketches?

July is on the horizon, which also means the July Virtual Crop is happening soon! Yippee! Mark your calendar for the next month’s Virtual Crop, happening July 9-10 (AU: 10-11 July)! And join the Virtual Crop Facebook Group today if you haven’t already!

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  1. I love these layouts. Due to the size of the pics I’ll be using them in my WWII Album! TY CM

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