This Summer Scrapbook Layout Is a Budding Beauty

Snapdragons. Bells of Ireland. Peonies. Bluebells. Gardenias. Marigold. Dahlias. Azalea. Sunflowers. Chrysanthemum. Lavender. Myrtle. The list goes on and on and on with flowers and greenery. And just like these budding blooms and lush leaves, endless scrapbooking opportunities can always be pruned and grown, especially with the Botanical Burst collection! If you want to bloom forth brilliance with your next project, dig into that collection (including the Botanical Burst Recipe Template) by giving this summer scrapbook layout a go!

To create this layout you will need:

Step 1: Use a piece of blue layered blocks paper as the base for this layout. (Tip: To conserve paper, you may wish to cut out the inside of this piece using the 12-inch Trimmer.) Cut a piece of 11″ x 11″ piece of green bold leaves paper and adhere on top.

Step 2: Clip the Botanical Burst Recipe Template on top of the layout and use as a guide to cut the following pieces/photos. Set the Circle Cutter at 4-3/4” to cut the White Solid Cardstock circles. Set the Circle Cutter at 4-1/4″ to cut the pink tonal scattered blossoms circles, middle blue layered blocks circle and photos. Cut the middle circles using the inside edge of the largest Custom Cutting System Circle Pattern — the inner white circle with the Red Blade and the yellow tonal field mustard circle with the Blue Blade.

Step 3: To cut the photos, it helps to first cut a piece of cardstock to the 4-1/4″ size. Lay the circle on the middle of the 13×13 Custom Cutting System Mat and find the middle by drawing the vertical and horizontal lines with a ruler and pencil. Lay the template on your photo along the lines you traced on it. Place the Circle Cutter on top, aligning with the vertical and horizontal lines drawn on the template. Hold in place and cut a circle from your photo.

Step 4: Adhere all pieces to the layout, using the template as a guide.

Step 5: Layer and adhere floral circles and leaves foiled embellishments, popping some up with Foam Squares for added dimension.

Step 6: Journal as desired.

Do you like looking at and smelling flowers in the spring and summer? What do you enjoy most about this summer scrapbook layout that uses the Botanical Burst Recipe Template? Plant your thoughts down below!

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