View Your Coastal Memories Through This Water Themed Scrapbook Layout

A view that looks over the water, whether it would be an expansive ocean or peaceful lakefront, is attractive, impressive and relaxing. We can let our gaze fall upon the ever-shifting and sparkling hues of various blues and greens while feeling the cooling sensations of a flowing breeze and hearing the lapping waves and squawking seagulls. Blog contributor Sachiyo Omitsu is opening our minds (and a creative window of opportunity!) by showing this water themed scrapbook layout that is sure to bring an easy-breezy, calming sensation.

Layout by Sachiyo Omitsu – CM Independent Advisor

To create this layout you will need:

Step 1: Use a piece of the dashed scallops designer paper as the base of this layout.

Step 2: Use the Sunrise, Sunset Recipe Template to trace the following half-circle section on the warm stripes designer paper. Cut out the traced piece as shown. Use the Sunrise, Sunset Recipe Template to trace sections on the blue part of the abstract painterly brushstrokes designer paper (the first half circle and the following three half-rings). Cut out the traced pieces and add to the warm stripes piece as shown. Add to the page.

Step 3: Cut two mats from the aqua light-reflected water vellum paper to measure 7″ x 5″. Cut 16 pieces of 1/4″ width strips from the warm stripes designer paper. Add the strips to the vellum mat as shown. Add embellishments and insert the mats to Peekaboo Pockets™.

Step 4: Use the Friendly Fish Border Punch to punch two borders from the aqua artistic brushstrokes tonal paper. Flip one of the borders over to show the other side. Add borders to the page.

Step 5: Adhere stickers, embellishments and mats, using Foam Squares on some for added dimension.

Step 6: After you insert the completed page to a page protector, adhere the Peekaboo Pockets™.

How much do you love this water themed scrapbook layout? Will you by trying it out soon?

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