May Completed Album Challenge PLUS 8×8 Custom Paper Albums

Here’s something that may make your day — the May Completed Album Challenge is underway in the Virtual Crop Facebook Group! There are so many types of albums out there in CM’s gamut of goodies — from traditional 12×12 albums to quick Fast2Fabs™, smaller 8×8 bookcloths and today’s special standout — 8×8 Custom Paper Albums! (Psst, they do indeed count toward the monthly Completed Album Challenges!) Make one for yourself (or as a gift!) and make sure to enter for the chance to win!

Do you know others who’d love to get more than a fair share of scrapbooking ideas and inspiration? Invite your scrapbook friends to join the Virtual Crop Facebook Group this week to get inspired by all of the completed albums!

If you completed an album this month (does not need to be from start to finish in May, just completed in May), make a short video flipping through each of the pages in your newly completed album. Then, post your video in the Virtual Crop Facebook Group with the hashtag #CompletedMay2023 for the chance to win!

Here’s an example of what your Completed Album Challenge video could look like!

For ALL the details on the Completed Album Challenge, check out this blog post.

The 8×8 Custom Paper Albums aren’t just great because you can make an album entirely custom to you, but you can also make variations of a design to share!

See how easy it is to create custom variations on the 8×8 Custom Paper Albums below — we created one totally custom design for a year of Jewish holidays and festivals and added a personal touch with the name of the recipient!

Now, each member of the family gets their own special album with their own physical photos, designs and memories. 

We recommend adding a related page of stickers or embellishments to coordinate with their physical designs (e.g., using the Jewish Holidays stickers and papers to dress up these albums).

What family or group celebrations do you have coming up that you could gift 8×8 Custom Paper Albums for?

Are YOU all set to take on the May Completed Album Challenge? Will you be trying out the 8×8 Custom Paper Albums? Have a blast, share your video and soak up all of the inspiration shared in the Virtual Crop Facebook Group!

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