Be Outstanding In Your Field With This Fall Scrapbook Layout

Whether growing wild on the side of dirt road or carefully cultivated in a vast field, the power of sunflowers’ bold blooms not only delight bees and bring smiles to many faces, but they also create a gorgeous backdrop for photos (and pretty scrapbook layouts, too!), especially with the appropriately named Sunflower Fields collection! Check out the playful and adventurous charm of this fall scrapbook layout from Product Development Creative Manager Noreen Smith — it’s outstanding in its field!

Fall scrapbooking layout with photos of friends in a sunflower field.

To create this layout you will need:

Step 1: Use white sunflowers paper as base page. 

Step 2: Trim dark green plaid paper to an 11” square and adhere to the middle of the base page. 

Step 3: Cut a 3″ square from the purple harlequin paper. Cut it in half diagonally to create two triangles. Adhere the triangles to the upper-right and bottom-left corners of the page. 

Step 4: Mount two 6″ x 4″ photos onto the large orange dots and dark brown harlequin mat cards. Arrange and adhere on dark green plaid paper as shown. 

Step 5: Cut the large orange plaid mat card in half. Place the unlined 3-1/4 x 4-1/2 journal card at a slight angle over the top of the bottom photo as shown. 

Step 6: Cut a 5” circle from the dark brown chevron paper using the outside edge of the medium Circle Custom Cutting System Pattern and Red Blade. 

Step 7: Cut the “Bring on the sunshine” title mat card into a 4” circle by using the outside edge of the smallest Circle Custom Cutting System Pattern and Red Blade. Adhere on top of the dark brown circle.  

Step 8: Cut 10 4-1/2” x 2-3/4” diamonds from various papers using the inside edge of the diamond Gemstone Custom Cutting System Pattern and Red Blade. Arrange and adhere diamonds behind the 5″ circle, overlapping the “petals” to create a large “sunflower.” 

Step 9: Place the sunflower in the upper-left corner of the layout as shown. Trim off any petals and/or part of the circles that overhang the edge of the layout. Use the trimmed petals and circle pieces to create a smaller sunflower on the bottom-right corner of the page. 

Step 10: Add stickers. Journal on the orange plaid mat card and use the fine tip end of the Brown Dual-tip Pen to create faux stitched lines around the edge of the petals to provide definition. 

What do you think of Noreen’s fall scrapbook layout? Have you visited a sunflower field lately?

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