October Completed Album Challenge PLUS A Green Scrapbook Layout

Today we’re giving the green light “Go, go, GO!” — not only for this green scrapbook layout featuring the latest Totally Tonal products, but also for the fact that it could be the project you need to finish your latest album … and accordingly, take on the October Completed Album Challenge! 

If you completed an album this month (does not need to be from start to finish in October, just completed in October), make a short video flipping through each of the pages in your newly completed album. Then, post your video in the Virtual Crop Facebook Group with the hashtag #CompletedOctober2023 for the chance to win!

Here’s an example of what your Completed Album Challenge video could look like!

For ALL the details on the Completed Album Challenge, check out this blog post.

Green scrapbook layout.
Layout by Karyn McDermaid-Rolfe — CM Independent Advisor

Step 1: Cut a 1” hollow frame from a sheet of Avocado Solid Cardstock.

Step 2: Cut a sheet of white crosshatch paper to 11-1/2” x 11-1/2” and adhere to the hollow frame.

Step 3: Use the Custom Cutting System with the square pattern from the Rectangle Cutting Patterns and the Red Blade on the inside edge to cut four photos in a diamond-shaped orientation.

Step 4: Cut four 3-1/4” x 3-1/4” squares from Avocado Solid Cardstock. Use the 2-Way Corner Rounder to round the corners. Adhere photos to the mats.

Step 5: Use the wavy side of the 12-inch Decorative Trimmer to cut three 1/4” strips from Avocado Solid Cardstock. Cut strips to: 8-1/4”, 10” and 3-1/4”.

Step 6: Cut (20) 1” squares from a variety of papers. Use the 2-Way Corner Rounder to round two opposite corners of each square. Use a small hole punch to punch five small circles from the Avocado Solid Cardstock.

Step 7: Arrange the photos, the three wavy strips and the leaves/petals on the layout as shown.  Once you have the items spaced, adhere the pieces. To adhere the leaves/petals, place a small Foam Square on the wavy strip. Adhere each leaf/petal with Foam Squares around the center Foam Square. Place a small dot/circle in the center. It will adhere to the Foam Square.

Step 8: Add stickers as shown using Foam Squares on some.

Step 9: Add journaling with a Black Dual-Tip Pen.

Could this tonal scrapbook layout be the finishing touch you’re looking for to complete an album? Share a short video of you flipping through your completed album in the Virtual Crop Facebook Group (with the hashtag #CompletedOctober2023) for a chance to win!

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