A Year to Remember Blog Hop!

Make 2016 A Year to Remember! Our new collection of the same name offers the perfect opportunity to scrap your life one day, week, month or year at a time, and in a number of fun, unique ways.

Join us as we hop through the blogs of our CM Content Contributors who’ve come up with the most clever ways to use these products you could ever imagine. From monthly page spreads to fun, tiny baskets with daily journal cards and loads of ideas in between… you’ll be inspired beyond measure.

Scroll through the page layout ideas featured here in this blog post first, and when you reach the bottom, we’ll send you on your way to the first blog hop!

After you’ve hopped through all the blogs, pop on back here to this post and leave a comment on your favorite thing about the new Year to Remember collection. Doing so qualifies you for entry in a drawing where you could win the entire collection of Year to Remember products, shown here:


Awesome, right?

Before we send you off exploring through all the ideas we’ve collected up, we thought we’d offer a few suggestions and tips on how to put these products to use:

  1. Hang a calendar grid (with date numbers added) on the fridge and jot down events as they happen – everything from little Susie’s first lost tooth down to that tax appointment. When the month is over, scrap the events you’ve noted on pages that follow the calendar page in your album. It’ll be fun to look back one day and see what that month in your life entailed! Example:
  2. Begin with a collection of photos from a given month, then scrap them and add a calendar page as an “intro” page for that month. Journal important dates onto the calendar that correspond to pages and photos you’ve scrapped. (Example shown below.)
  3. Use a calendar grid page to highlight just one specific date of the month, then add photos around it. Examples:JapanLO1.jpg
  4. Use calendar grid pages as a simple backdrop for an actual page layout. Use the calendar grid squares as a journaling spot around your photos. Highlight the special date on the page (i.e. 2nd birthday on the 28th as shown in this example):
  5. Trim a section (a row, two rows, etc.) of calendar grid to use on a layout to highlight just a week or two, too!
  6. As you’ll see in the example below, use the calendar grid squares as spaces for fun 2″ photos – PERFECT for all those photos you post to Instagram but do nothing with. ;)

First, we’ll start here with a fun layout by CM Project Designer Melissa Ullmann. In this sample layout, she used the calendar sheet as a way to track things as they happened during the month including things like paying rent, pay day, doctor appointments and trips up north to the cabin! After the month has passed, she’s including it in her scrapbook album followed by pages filled with photos from some of the events that are noted on the grid.  Keeping in mind that while in the “now”, things like pay days and paying rent may not seem critical to note, think of how fun it will be years down the road to take a spin through days gone by when life is different :)


To create this 2-page layout, you’ll need:

Step 1: Wallpaper the calendar grid to the left page.

Step 2: Add the “days” sticker strip along the very top of the calendar grid.

Step 3: Cut a strip from the striped patterned paper to measure 12” x ¾”. Adhere along the bottom of left page.

Step 4: Use the black pen to write in the dates.

Step 5: Adhere the embellishments and stickers to the calendar as needed.

Create a layout to highlight your photos from the month. To duplicate the page shown above:

Step 1: Cut a piece of paper from clock patterned paper to measure 2” x 12”. Adhere along the right side of page.

Step 2: Cut a piece from the blue dots paper to measure 1” x 12”. Adhere along the edge of the clock paper.

Step 3: Cut a piece of green cardstock to measure 7” x 9”. Adhere to layout.

Step 4: Add the embellishments using foam squares.

Step 5: Add photos and journal using the black pen.

Next, Melissa shares a tad bit different take on the same type of layout, however you’ll notice she used the Shape Maker with Square Cartridge to punch out photos – they fit perfectly on the calendar grids. How fun!


To create this 2-page layout, you’ll need:

One note in preparation for creating this set of pages – Throughout the month, take photos of random projects that you do throughout the day.  Capture the little things you LOVE about your life! 

Step 1: Adhere the calendar grid page to the right page.

Step 2: Add stickers and embellishments to the layout.

Step 3: Punch out photos using the Square Shape Maker and adhere to calendar days. Add ABC/123 Stickers to remaining days that don’t have a photo.

On the left page, create a layout to highlight your month with photos. To duplicate the page shown above:

Step 1: Cut a strip of red dotted paper to measure 3” x 12”. Adhere to the far left of the page.

Step 2: Cut a strip from blue cardstock to measure ½” x 12”. Adhere along the far left edge of the page.

Step 3: Cut a strip from pink chevron patterned paper to measure 1” x 12”. Adhere along the edge of the dotted paper.

Step 4: Using the border maker with the lace flower chain cartridge, punch a 12″ border from blue cardstock. Adhere to the top of the chevron paper.

Step 5: Cut two mats from the blue cardstock to measure 6-1/2” x 4-1/2”. Adhere photo to each mat, then adhere matted photos to page, angling each as shown. Tuck corners of photos under border strip as shown.

Step 6: Adhere the embellishments to the layout and journal to finish.

And now, on to the rest of the fab ideas. Here’s the order that we’ll be hopping in today – just remember to stop back here after you’ve hopped all the way through and leave us a comment on your favorite thing about the Year to Remember collection. You’ll be entered to win the entire collection when you do! Happy hopping!

Stop 1: Candace Bouldin’s Scrappin Jpegs
Stop 2: Julie Tambrini’s Creative Memories Blog
Stop 3: Diana Brinsley’s Memory Keeping Blog
Stop 4: Stefani Jones’ Crop with Stef Blog
Stop 5: Lisa Graham’s Click, Crop & Create Blog
Stop 6: Noreen Smith’s Organized & Creative Mom Blog
Stop 7: Sarah Fitzgerald’s Click Write Share Blog

A huge thank you to all our contributors for sharing their creativity with us!

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  1. WOW, one of my most favortist of new releases from the new CM Group. I LOVE calendar pages. I actually tell people, I’m not just a photographer and/or scrapbooker…I’m a “documentarian”, yep I do. SO, I loved every stop on this blog hop. Candice, love your silly photos and that you were able to create a layout without your actual photos…for people like me who can’t visualize beyond what’s in front of me. Diana-loved the stacked up layering with foam squares. Julie takes amazing photos of her beautiful work, Stefanie CUT UP THE CALENDAR GRIDS! What?! So great, I will be duplicating as I so miss my paper planner days. Lisa my pc did not like this blog stop, but when I got it to work, I LOVED the counter top bin for the perpetual calendar. Noreen had actual photos of the product in it’s packaging…LOVE, and it was great to see the slide in pages in action. Sarah, thank you for showing two page spreads without photos…like I said, I need this so I can more easily translate it to my personal projects. THANK YOU CM Group for this release of products,

    1. What great ideas! So many ways to use the Year to Remember paper pack. I can always use creative ideas from others and loved the many ways you can use one paper pack. Thanks for posting these.

  2. Thank you for all these great ideas! I was having a hard time getting my mind around exactly what this set of products was about, but as I was looking at all the blog entries, I was hit with a thought. I have realized that now that my kids are teenagers, I don’t take the constant stream of pictures that I did when they were younger…and I have felt that some of our “history” is being lost because I don’t have pictures to make great layouts. This gives me a way to capture our goings-on and add all the nutty pics we capture with our phones and post on social media and have a way to keep the memories. Yay!

  3. Love the fact you can use the Shape Maker to put a picture right in the calendar grid! This is why I love CM; the products work together to make my scrapbooking easy.

  4. Love the versatility of this collection! My girls have embraced the idea of doing a calendar project (maybe several) this year. Can’t wait to share all the ideas everyone was so gracious to provide. Love the Blog Hops — filled with the most amazing ideas. I <3 CM!!!!!

  5. Love it all, but especially the beautiful colors and prints! Coordinated colors make putting things together so easy! The ideas to think outside the box or grid is so inspiring! Thanks to all the creative contributors and CM!

  6. WOW! I am a new rep and cannot wait to get the word out there. One idea after another – they were just inspiring. I am ordering my two sets right away! So thankful for all the creative minds who inspire me!!!

  7. I love the new A Year to Remember collection. So fun, great colors, and I just love the calendar pages!

  8. What a fabulous idea. I’m so excited. Now I can move all the pictures of my kids and grandkids off my desktop and into an album and keep track of their events and happenings and just watch them grow – page by page. Love the layouts and stickers packs that go with them. Thank you, Creative Memories. Another wonderful product.

  9. Love this – just wish the second half of the year was ready as well so I could do the last half of 2015 as well. Will anxiously wait for them.

  10. I am so excited about the year to remember! I have challenged my Scrappers to a 365Gratitude challenge and this kit fits perfect for the project. Each day they write something they are grateful for in the calendar section then on the other pages they journal and take a picture of what they are grateful for. I have had such a great response from this project. Thanks for the great products!

  11. I love the planner idea, although I’m more of an electronic calendar girl right now. But love the fact that these pages are so useful for different things! Can’t wait to get mine and get started!

  12. I love the year to remember!! I can’t wait to start putting this into my layouts. This will definitely help me to keep my photos in order and I love the idea that you can still include events that were important but may not have a photo of.

  13. Every blog complete with page ideas goes straight to my Creative Memories FB page for sharing! Working FT doesn’t leave much spare time for scrapbooking but when my time comes (periodically) I am ready and thankful for those who are going before me with all these great ideas! Scrap ON!

  14. WOW! I loved this blog hop! There are so many different ways to use this paper pack (one of the reasons I love Creative Memories!) I love the idea of using this as your main calendar for your family because it really does give you a way to remember the crazy busy lives that we all live! It also lets those little things that you might not remember to take pictures for to not be forgotten about. I love, love, love the idea of using the square shape cutter to cut out the random pictures that you take and don’t usually make it into the scrapbooks. They are a great way to use up the spaces on your calendar on those days that you don’t have anything else going on! You can easily use this as a beginning page in your scrapbook followed by the events that happened that month that you want to scrap more about. I have a sister that doesn’t do a lot of scrapbooking, but she is expected to have baby any day now. I think this would be a great gift to her to track the baby’s first year and she can very easily use the mulit-pocket pages to insert all the cute picture she will be taking of the precious baby! Not much work involved to make a great baby’s first year remembrance book! Oh… the things you can do with this paper pack are endless!

  15. You can also use this idea with the multi-pocket pages for your pictures and a single-pocket page for the calendar page. An actual calendar can even be cut apart at the end of the year.

  16. Love the new A Year to Remember papers. I have missed the calendar paper. They are perfect since I create a yearly album.

  17. Thankyou for all your hard work ladies- lot’s of inspirational ideas from the sites visited!! I have been especially interested in seeing how to use some of the paper and grids in a personal planner- Stef had some great ideas and I definitely agree with first using scratch paper!! ( I have cut too many the wrong size!!) I also enjoyed the many layouts and borders,etc. thanks again!!

  18. GREAT fun hopping today! LOVE all the great ideas AND the fabulous use of their “blogs”. This paper pack is on my wish list! The calendar formats of days gone by were great tools but THESE are already ON A PAGE….so much EASIER!!! LOVE IT!!!

  19. Love, Love, Love the new calendar pages and accessories! The colors and font are fun. I use these all of the time to help document and journal in my books
    -especially with our vacations!

  20. My younger daughter just got engaged. I was already
    thinking of “countdown” ideas for the 17 months ’til the wedding. These calendar
    pages will be great!

  21. So many wonderful ideas! I really liked the suggestion to buy TWO paper packs. That will make coordinating everything much simpler and more straightforward. I MUST get started!!

  22. I am so glad these are being released! I write something down everyday – even if it was not an exciting day (weather or what we had for dinner) and then put them in my albums. They come in handy to remember what happens when when scrapbooking. I can’t wait to get the calendar pages!!!!

  23. I really love this kit! It’s super cute and so many ways to use it. I plan on using one of the pages for a vacation to show the trip dates and where we went :-)

  24. I really loved all of the ideas – the idea by Lisa was a great idea to remember the day’s happenings all year and you can put them (or the ones you want) into your yearly book each year. Thanks CM for having this blog hop – it’s my first one, and it was a lot of fun!

  25. What a versatile pack. Never would have thought of making a planner out of the pack. Love all the ideas.

  26. It’s always nice to visit here and see the wonderful new ideas you all have come up with. I especially enjoyed seeing Lisa and Candace’s ideas. I used to be on a message board with them and it’s so nice to see that they have continued creating with CM products!

  27. so many absolutely fantastic ideas using the year to remember products…and i can’t decide which i liked best! probably making your own planner because i haven’t found one in the stores that i really like. thank you to ALL of the bloggers. i’m so glad to be a CONSULTANT FOR LIFE! 16years this week!!!

  28. I love the idea of using the calendar as the start of the month for my family album. I can highlight the things that happened and add pictures. I kind of do this already, but a calendar would make it more uniform. Love it! Thanks CM!!!

  29. I’m thrilled to have the calendar grid sheets return. After our initial calendar pages had been discontinued (and then the sheets of paper grids), I started using the pages I created as a digital calendar in my traditional album. Unfortunately, I haven’t created those for a few years now. This will be an easy way to get back to highlighting each month, and complementing it with pictures. I love being able to glance back at how we filled the weeks/months/year. Great thinking outside the box regarding daily planners and a perpetual calendar! Love our content contributors!

  30. I loved all the ideas, the one I will use most is the idea of using the Year to Remember stickers and embellishments to make borders like D. Brinsley did to attach opposite the calendar grid page. Thanks for these products, they are great!!

  31. wow that was amazing. i loved all the very unique creative ideas by all the advisers :) i have done one family album using a monthly calendar idea. I liked it so much i will probably do it again since i keep all my yearly calendars. And this package will make it much easier! I love the new Creative Memories!!!

  32. I loved the Blog Hop. So many creative ideas. I think my favorites were Julie’s border idea using the flower border and round stickers, AND Lisa’s adorable perpetual calendar. That will make a cute gift for my mom!

  33. Love the year to remember products. I do an annual scrapbook so it will add a new look to my 2016 book.

  34. It’s fun having the blog hop. I really liked Diana’s border ideas for the months and Lisa’s perpetual calendar idea’s the best. Thanks for sharing.

  35. I really like all the ideas presented. I would use the pages for the firsts that my daughters had during the first year of their lives

  36. Wow! I love seeing all the different ideas. I love the calendar pages. I love that we can journal a whole month on one page. I, also love the colors.

    1. Love the colors and designs in the collection. Seeing the ideas is inspiring to put the ideas to use. Really liked using the tool to cut photos to put into the days on the calendar.

  37. I loved all of the ideas and am ready to share with my customers. At first glance at the paper pack I was not impressed but seeing all of these ideas I think it is great. Thank you!!

  38. I love the colors and the grids. The planner idea is great – I wouldn’t have thought of that, but I also have returned to paper for my planner and have a hard time finding what I want. The option for complete customization is great!

  39. I have been scrapbooking for about 5 years or maybe longer and have been using calendars as a part of my scrapbook. I love that CM has created the “Year to Remember” as it will make it easier to make these pages. I do have one suggestion though, have you thought about offering a “Year to Remember” collection where each month has a theme? Would love to see that!

  40. I’m loving the idea of getting all your calendars ready & then all you have to do is insert your photos & you’re done!!!! Thanks so much for all the ideas.

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