Creative Scrapbook Page Titles

Scrapbook page titles and album beginnings can be very simple or very elaborate, but the most important thing is that they tell the story! We are going to highlight a few fun ways to add titles to your scrapbook pages with some of the tools Creative Memories currently has to offer – hopefully these ideas will inspire you to put your own spin on them.

1.) Using backgrounds (from photos) as your shapes


Some pictures have LOTS of natural scenery that doesn’t need to be duplicated over and over again in a page spread. Instead of cropping your photos and throwing that great background in the garbage again and again, you can always use a Creative Memories punch (like the Blossom Place ‘n Punch shown here) to make shapes for your scrapbook page title! A few of Creative Memories ABC/123 Stickers look great in contrast, and you have a natural page embellishment that is sure to coordinate nicely with the rest of your page layout!


2.) Makes waves with the Custom Cutting System’s patterns

Ever wanted to give your scrapbook page title a little more pizzazz than a straight line across the top? How about a fantastic wave made with the inside and the outside of the Custom Cutting System’s circle pattern? Waves can be useful for beach pages, rollercoasters, mountains in the distance, a winding road, you name it! Here is a page I made to highlight photos of us on some fun rides at Walt Disney World:


If you want to make a wave or a swell, you can either lightly draw your lines with a pencil so you can erase later, or you can highlight the line with a pen.



Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin involve lots of hills and twists and turns in the dark and it was fun to not only recreate a “roller coaster”, but to play with the space theme as well. The rings around the planets actually come from the Year in Review Embellishment pack, I made the planets themselves with the Custom Cutting System, and the Navy and Green alphabet stickers were perfect for the color scheme of both rides!


3) Beautiful Beginnings

Starting an album is exciting, but if it a very special album such as a tribute album to someone you love, a celebration of a grammar school career or the a trip of a lifetime, there is often pressure to make that first page look amazing. This doesn’t have to be complicated, and I hope you will excuse me if I re-introduce an old concept from a Creative Memories Crop Talk from years ago entitled “Beautiful Beginnings.”


The concept was simple: take a plate, then lightly draw a circle on your page using the outline. Next, place stickers (or pictures or embellishments) at 3:00, 6:00, 9:00 and 12:00, then fill in the rest. The goal is to create a beautiful wreath in which you can either use ABC letters to create a title, or place a favorite picture in the center. Here is one I came up with to honor my parents and their love of their grandchildren. I used the Watercolor Love Embellishments, but the ideas are endless. Don’t you want to have your own “beautiful beginning” in your next special album?

Stay tuned for more great page title ideas in a later blog post!

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