Fun ways to use the NEW Decorative Arcs Border Punch!

The NEW Decorative Arcs Border Punch is beautiful just as it is, but it’s incredibly versatile when you change it up just a little. Being a standalone punch means you do not need anything extra to use this punch, just slip in your paper and punch away!


Oh the things you could create with this punch! Let me seat you front row and center to this MAGICAL show! Now, on to Act 1:


To create this page you will need:

Step 1: The top of “curtain” was made from cutting a border from the NEW Decorative Arcs Border Punch and then you will need to cut another border in red which you will layer behind black border.

Step 2: With 12-inch Straight Trimmer cut two 2-inch border with Black Solid 12 x 12 Cardstock.

Step 3: Cut two borders using Red Solid 12×12 Cardstock and the Heart Chain Border Maker Cartridge.  These you will layer behind the 2-inch black strips that run vertical.

Step 4: Cut a border from the Medallion Frame Chain Border Maker Cartridge and Red Solid 12×12 Cardstock. Use your All-Purpose Scissors to trim them to make curtain swag-ties.

To make the Mouse head:
Step 1: Use the Black Solid 12×12 Cardstock and small circle from Circle Custom Cutting System Patterns with the green blade around the outer track to cut the base of the mouse.

Step 2: Use the Red Solid 12×12 Carstock and medium circle from Circle Custom Cutting System Patterns with the green blade in the inner track to cut the bottom of mouse.

Step 3: His cute buttons where made with the NEW Button Chain Border Marker Cartridge. Use your All-Purpose Scissors to trim them up in a circle to create a button.

Next, on to Act 2:

Skies are bright and sunny and then the picnic ants and spider invade. Well… not “real” ants and spiders, but wouldn’t these be so cute for summer picnic and spooky Halloween pages?


The “Sun” border, ants, and spiders were made with this template using the NEW Decorative Arcs Border Punch


To make this standard “template”

Step 1:  Trim paper color of your choice and with 12-inch Straight Trimmer, cut a strip 1-15/16″ by 1″.

Step 2: Using Decorative Arcs Border Punch place paper strip in punch and line up with markings on punch.:


Firmly press down and punch, then slide paper up to line up with arc pattern on the guide and punch. Repeat process till you’ve punched along the entire edge of the strip.

Step 3: Rotate the strip 180 degrees, then repeat step 2 on opposite side. You should have a border like the white one shown above above when you are done.

After you have the template, you will use this for reference where you will need to cut with All-Purpose Scissors. Repeat Steps 1-3.  For ants and spiders, Black Solid 12×12 Cardstock was used.  For the “Sun” border the Shades of Bright Designer Cardstock was used. Using photos below you will trim the white areas to get desired look for the ants and spiders.



For the “Sun Rays” use All-Purpose Scissors trim areas away to leave straight “rays” of sun look.


The “clouds” were made with the Word Bubble punch. This too is a stand alone punch.

And, ss with any great movie… it must come to an end with the “Hero” saving the day!! Enter these fun superheroes:


To create these, use the template created above on Red Solid 12×12 Cardstock

The Spider Man was backed with Black Solid 12×12 Cardstock. With a Black Dual-tip Pen draw on webs. The eyes where made by taking the Heart Chain Border Maker Cartridge and trimming the heart with All-Purpose Scissors>.

The American shield was made by using the All-Purpose Scissors to trim inner pieces away to make an oval shape, then back it with White Solid 12×12 Cardstock. Use  small circle from the Circle Custom Cutting System Patterns with the blue blade in the inner track to cut out a blue circle from the Royal Blue Solid12x12 Cardstock. The star is from the Star Border Maker Cartridge.


Who’s your favorite super hero?

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  1. Very cute. My only problem would be I don’t have this punch🙁. Would LOVE to own it. Would you happen to know where I could find one?

  2. I am so glad I finally got this punch. I missed it and had to go hunting. Lesson learned.

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