Let’s Party—with the Graduate!

There are so many pre-made party favors as options at the retail stores, but why not add a personal touch of homemade to the party—and WOW your guests!  Not only will your guests be wow’ed, but you will have a sense of pride that you put your personal touch on the event for your loved one.  Pair the Achievements Paper Pack with any colored cardstock-perhaps their school colors, and you can create several unique pieces for your gathering.  Below you will find several ideas and instructions for which to do this in just minimal time!


To create the banner, you will need: 

Step 1:  Cut seven pieces of paper to measure 3-1/2″ x 4-1/2″.

Step 2:  Cut seven pieces of paper to measure 3-1/4″ x 4-1/4″.

Step 3:  Cut four pieces of paper from the designer paper mat sheet to measure 3″ x 4″.

Step4:  Cut three photos to measure 3″ x 4″.

Step 5:  Layer all of the pieces together.

Step 6:  Add Embellishments.

Step 7:  Punch holes in the upper corners. Thread the ribbon through the pieces, adding a tassle to each end (see below to create the tassle).


To create the tassles, you will need: 


Step 1: Start with a 12″ x 12″ piece of paper.  A smaller square piece of paper will create a smaller tassle.

Step 2:  Fold paper in half.

Step 3:  Using the 12-Inch Straight Trimmer, cut every 1/4″ along the piece of paper, but DO NOT cut through the fold.

Step 4:  Run the tape runner along the top edge, along the fold.  Roll the piece to the end.

Step 5:  Cut a small strip of paper to wrap around the end.

Step 6:  Add to either a banner or upside down on a dowel for a centerpiece.



To create the treat cups, you will need: 


Step 1:  Cut a piece of paper into a perfect square.  (I used 8-1/2″ x 8-1/2″) The size of the treat cups will depend on the size of the square.

Step 2:  Fold in half, matching the points together.

Step 3:  Fold one side back to the crease.  Fold back to meet the corner again, as you will only use the fold as a guide to the next fold.

Step 4:  Fold bottom point up to the spot where the paper folded on the top.

Step 5:  Fold top point to meet the bottom.

Step 6:  Fold the top flaps outside of each side of the “cup”.

Step 7:  Add embellishments and treats.


To create the center pieces, you will need: 

Step 1:  Wrap the jar in paper.

Step 2:  Cut paper strips to measure 1/4″ in width.  Crunch in your hand to create “paper shred”.  Add to the jar.

Step 3:  Wrap the dowel with a strip of paper.

Step 4:  Create a tassle (shown above), wrapping around the end of a dowel.  Trim dowel to desired length.

Step 5:  Place dowel in the jar so that the tassle is upside down.

Step 6:  Cut photo to measure 2-1/2″ x 3-1/2″.  Mat on cardstock.

Step 7:  Adhere photo to the end of a dowel.  Place in jar.

Step 8:  Adhere the embellishments to the jar.


Of course, you can always use other patterned papers to create for a birthday, or other holiday!

Happy Celebrating!


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