Fun Scrapbook Title Pages – Fast!

Do you have trouble figuring out what to do with your Title Pages? Are you like me, sitting and staring at a blank page trying to become inspired as the minutes tick by?

These fun and fast Title Pages I created with Creative Memories Fast2Fab collections will solve all your Title Page dilemmas.

You have the perfect photo for your Title Page, and excitedly dive in to your paper stash and settle on the flawless colour combination. Now it’s time to find the perfect embellishment!


This is where the nightmare begins!  It’s kind of like watching a scary movie, you know the scene…the girl is in the old abandoned house, with no electricity, on a dark and stormy night. She quietly steps across the room, with random flashes of lightning and the sound of thunder. The floor boards creak with every step, and then the music begins to play! (You know the music I’m talking about!) She’s finds herself following a strange sound on the other side of the door leading to the basement, stretches out her hand to turn the knob as lightning flashes one more time and you start yelling at her,

“Don’t go down there!”

Well…that’s exactly what it’s like to get into your sticker stash!

If you could watch yourself reaching for your stash of the most amazing stickers you have ever seen, you’ll want to yell at yourself…”Don’t reach for the stickers! It’s a trap! You’ll get caught in there looking through all 1,082 of them and never get your Title Page done!”

But it’s too late…tick…tock…

“This is the perfect sticker! I’m so excited!” You lay it down with your photo and paper you have already chosen, and… “Oh! The colours don’t quite go together. I’ll have to keep looking.”

…tick…tock.. “Oh look! I forgot I had this!” …tick…tock.. “These are the cutest stickers! I can’t wait to use them some day!” …tick…tock.. 3 hours later, you’re buried in piles of stickers and embellishments like a kid who just ate cake! Yet your page is still blank.

Well, Creative Memories has helped us ladies (and gentlemen)!

With the Fast2Fab collections, CM has done most of the preliminary work for you! They have pre-decorated your Title Page for you with some basic elements and created beautiful stickers and embellishments that perfectly match the colours on your pages.


Title page above features: Fast2Fab Cool Serenity, Cool Serenity Embellishments,
Watercolor Green ABC/123 Stickers & Foam Squares

The FUN is left up to you!


Title page above features: Fast2Fab Uncharted, Uncharted Embellishments,
Black ABC/123 StickersBorder Maker with Chevron Cartridge,  Travel Cardstock & Foam Squares

Can you tell the difference between what CM has pre-decorated on my pages and the elements that I have added?

Dayna Trueman-AUS Content Contributor

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