Meet Us Monday (On Tuesday): Lynn Kelzenberg

When I am not looking after the system to ensure it is up and running 24/7 for your business, I am working on new systems enhancements for you and your customers ordering experiences as well as your Advisor Back Office offerings.

The launch of the Canada & Australia websites and more recently auto renewals are some of the bigger projects I have worked on.  And many more on the horizon.


When I am not working, my husband and I try to spend most of our free time fishing during all the four seasons Minnesota has to offer.


Brian and I will be celebrating our 20thanniversary next year.

Although we have no human children, we do have 2 dogs, Sulli & Andy, who we spoil as if they are our kids.

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3 thoughts on “Meet Us Monday (On Tuesday): Lynn Kelzenberg

  1. Thanks for all of your hard worker, during the day and in the middle of the night, when necessary. I can understand, after looking at your last picture, why you spoil Sulli and Andy! Who wouldn’t?

  2. THANK YOU for all you do!! I’m one of those who is always up in the middle of the night, ordering from CM website, getting ideas on page recipes…checking my shipments/inventory. Sometimes it’s not fun being a night owl…but here’s one that “gives a hoot” about all your long hours helping all the CM Advisors around the world get our business done, whenever we can!
    Love you puppies too!

  3. Thank you for everything you do on our behalf. It is greatly appreciated. Love your four-legged babies. The photo of them on the couch will be perfect with the Croptoberfest papers!!! :)

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