Give Goosebump Gifts this Holiday

Christmas is a time when we come together around home-cooked meals and gifts under the tree. It’s also a time when your brother or grandmother tells you a story you’ve never heard before. Or, you see a cousin you haven’t seen in ten years. It’s a time filled with special moments that give you goosebumps.

Here at Creative Memories, we all share a passion for saving precious memories. These goosebump moments remind us of why we love the holidays, even when the hustle and bustle gets the best of us. We take the time to write, scrapbook and put a personal touch on these memories so that someday, our family can pull these moments off a shelf and smile and laugh over old photos.

This year, we wanted to start sharing our passion for saving memories in a bigger way. We wanted to start sending out our love for albums, photos and family in the mail with a beautiful gift box bundle.

Our new Creative Memories Gift Box Bundles came out of this desire to share our passion for scrapbooking. When you send a Creative Memories gift box bundle, you’re sharing the joy of memories in an approachable way that offers a scrapbook look without the scrapbook time.

You’ll watch as the recipient sets the big, beautiful box on their lap and they feel the weight of a high-quality gift in their hands. Then, as they open the gift box, they reveal a welcome card and get the first peek of their new 12×12 bookcloth album. They lift the soft shiny ribbon to pick up the Creative Memories Fast2Fab™ Album (including Predesigned Refill Pages and Protectors). Next they find a pack of Embellishments, a Tape Runner and a photo-safe Pen nestled in the box. It’s everything a newbie needs to start saving the most special moments of their lives, from a wedding to a new baby to the holidays.

Each Gift Box Bundle includes a Creative Memories Fast2Fab Album with 16 Predesigned Refill Pages and Page Protectors, Embellishments, a Tape Runner and a Photo Safe Pen.

After opening their gift, your friends and family will thank you for helping them save these precious memories in a treasured place. But, after all, that’s the Creative Memories way and it’s why we all are passionate about saving and passing on our family stories.

Our 2016 Gift Box Bundles:

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Tell us which Gift Box Bundle you are most excited about and who you would give it to this Christmas!

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