2 X 3 Pocket Albums using Digital Artwork Leaves a BIG Impression

My husband travels a lot for work and it can be lonely when you are required to be a away from your family and your home.  We all carry cell phones that have lots of photos stored on them and access to social media to see what is happening at home, but there is nothing as rewarding as holding an album with printed photos of the people you love  in your hands.


The 2 x 3 pocket album is a great size to tuck in your laptop bag or your suitcase to take on the road with you to keep your family close to your heart when you need to be away from them.

For my album I decided to do mini digital pages to fit in the album.  I started with a 12 x 12 page and divided the page up into 2 x 3 rectangles that I could drop digital paper into.

2x3 snip 2.JPG

I made 12 of them portrait and 12 landscape.  The 2 x 3 album has 16 photo slots, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to have some extra photo options when I was completing my album.  I used Denim Blues digital kit for all of my backgrounds as it worked well with my photos.



Next I added a photo frame to each rectangle and I made most of mine 2.5 x 1.5.  I matted with a white mat and dropped a shadow in behind to make it pop off the paper.  This gave me a bit of room to add an embellishment or border to the mini page.


I browsed my Creative Memories digital kits and found embellishments that would work with each photo. I love that all of the kits work so well together!  I have included a list of the kits I used.


Denim Blues Digital kit

Cake My Day Digital kit

Daily Docket Digital kit

Hello Baby Boy Digital kit

Hello Baby Girl Digital kit

Mi Amor Digital kit

Soiree Digital kit

Sorbet Digital kit

You Better Beleaf It Digital kit

Cloud Cardstock

CM Design Team - Page 032.jpg

My completed 12 x 12 page filled in with 24 photos and embellishments to match.  I had it printed at a local print shop and it is ready to cut apart with my 12″ straight trimmer.


I used my 12″ trimmer to cut the page in half and then used my personal trimmer to cut the photos apart into 2 x 3 size.


I used the 12″trimmer to cut mats for the photos to give it a bit of dimension.


Cut 24 – 2.5 x 3.5 mats from Cloud cardstock and adhered the photo with tape runner.

I liked having the option to do some pages portrait and some landscape and I have eight photos left over so I can switch them out when I want to give the album a fresh look.


I think my husband is going to love to receive this sweet little album as a gift.  I used some of our favourite family times from 2016 for the theme, but the possibilities are endless for this fun pocket album!


23 thoughts on “2 X 3 Pocket Albums using Digital Artwork Leaves a BIG Impression

  1. Those photos are all digital?! Wow! How very impressive. I love how you embellished each one.
    Fabulous mini-mini-album. :-) Your husband will love it! Thanks for sharing your amazing creativity!

    1. Thanks Barb! Yes they are all digital and I love it because I can make the photos the sizes I want for my page.

      1. Thank you again!!! Just downloaded the trial. Gonna try to out. Looks pretty easy to navigate so far.

  2. Beth, this is awesome! And just a reminder: for every 2×3 album that is purchased, Creative Memories graciously donates a portion of the proceeds to Albums of Hope! These make great teacher gifts, too. Throw in a gift card for their favorite local coffee place.

  3. It’s so cute! Love it! I haven’t attempted digital scrapbooking yet. Your clear instructions and photos make the process easier than I thought. Thanks!!

    1. Hi Janene, I saved the file as a .jpeg and uploaded to my print shop website, but yes you could put it on an sd card or a memory stick. You would have to find out from your local printer what media they accept for printing.

      1. Thank You Beth! I had gotten hooked on the old digital CM. Wish I could still use them. Just have to start over again I guess. Since CM went south, a couple years back, I have been doing traditional scrapbooking.

      2. I am still using my former CM digital with the Artisan program. The new CM digital is just more flexible as it can be used with any program.

      3. Unfortunately, All of my content is on my old laptop & the dvd’s that most of them came on won’t load on my newer laptop. Microsoft doesn’t support Windows Vista anymore so I am not able to download any projects to print. My downloaded content is on that computer too. Seems that I am stuck with a lot of dollars worth of content. Never the less, I still Love Creative Memories, I am an Advisor, although my friends don’t share the same enthusiasm as I, I try to get them involved by my works of Scrapbooking. I have made several books digitally with the old software & I do miss doing it.

      4. Janene, if you still need help with that please private message me on FB and I can assist you. Thanks!

  4. This is a fun gift for grandparents and new moms, too. I have used this same idea, but I set up my project as a 4×6 page with 4 photo slots per page, as printing for six 4×6 prints costs less than printing a 12×12 page.

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