The NEW Creative Memories: Back & Better Than Ever

The story of the Creative Memories brand began over 30 years ago, in a friendly Minnesota town, where Creative Memories pioneered the memory keeping industry. Propelled by its dedication to offer the highest-quality scrapbook products and unbeatable service, Creative Memories became a global success.

Employing more than 1,100 people at its peak, in 2009 the company found itself struggling financially and began closing facilities in the U.S. and internationally.

In early 2013, the Australian Creative Memories office was forced to close its doors. The Japan office had maintained fiscally responsible policies and remained largely unaffected, with a stock pile of product to last years. Meanwhile the U.S. office was reduced to fewer than 100 employees and faced bankruptcy and closure. People started buying up their favourite products, fearing they would never have the chance to purchase high-quality albums, papers and tools again. Finally, the U.S. Creative Memories business folded in early 2014.

Fortunately, the story of the Creative Memories brand didn’t end on that sad note.

In mid 2014, Caleb Hayhoe, chairman of Flowerdale Group Ltd., stepped in to save the former brand. Hayhoe, a serial entrepreneur involved in eight companies spanning the globe and a dad of two boys and memory-keeper himself, knew it would be worthwhile to bring back the brand and products. Through his international sourcing company, he had worked with the direct sales industry for many years as a supplier and had a special place in his heart for Creative Memories and its Consultants. He knew with the right approach and responsible business management, Creative Memories could once again be successful and provide an income for its independent sales force.

That July Caleb bought the brand name, patent licences, proprietary equipment and rights to the products, then set to work with a few trusted members of the former business to build the new Creative Memories.


Over the past two and a half years, since launching the new Creative Memories in U.S., Japan, Canada and Australia, we’ve been overwhelmed by the feedback from previous customers who are delighted to have access to their beloved albums and products once more.

The cherry on top is the support for the sweeping changes the team made to the old-fashioned selling model. With the opportunity to reinvent the new Creative Memories, they put the traditional direct sales sacred cows out to pasture and developed a fresh approach to social selling. The unique Advisor earnings plan features:

  • No buying or selling minimums
  • Free 24/7 website
  • Earnings from 10-40% based on retail (vs. after discounts)
  • Immediate earnings up to 8% on team members sales (no title hurdles to jump through)
  • The ability to sell in person, at events like trade shows, even online

Infographic - Creative Memories

With over 30 years of scrapbooking passion, a fresh new company, modern earnings plan, and dedication to sound business principles, we’re growing from month to month. All the while remaining grounded by our simple mission: to help people celebrate life’s special moments.

We look forward to serving whole new generations of album-makers long into the future!

34 thoughts on “The NEW Creative Memories: Back & Better Than Ever

  1. Congratulations! I’m one of those people who was dedicated to CM and crushed when the company left the market. Now, I am a happy customer once again, and it seems the new, improved attitude is a better fit for everyone! Thanks, Caleb, for bringing the BEST products back to us once again!

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  2. Never lost hope that Creative Memories would return with their outstanding product line. I followed CM through the ups and down and once again enjoy the availability of the superior products we all expect from CM.

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  3. Like Barb, I too was crushed when Creative Memories left and wondered how I would ever scrapbook again. No other products came anywhere close. I am glad to have it back and am now an Advisor. This new plan is so much simpler.

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  4. So glad CM is back.. and signed up right away as soon as you came to BC Canada. with no minimum or commitments. and one yearly payment.. was a no brainer for me.. going on 2 years for me and I’m hooked..Thank you From Prince George, B.C.

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  5. So glad CM is back and profitable. I was one of those who stocked up on products, especially the albums. No one can match the quality and love put into the albums.

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  6. So happy Caleb has brought CM back as a profitable company. As a CM consultant years ago, I could see problems with the way the company was being operated. I was dedicated to using CM products only so I stocked up! Love the albums! A very close second to the albums is the border maker tool! How did I ever create pages without it? Thank you, Caleb, and all who supply us with CM products once again.

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  7. I’ve been loyal to CM since 1991. So happy that the company has been resurrected! I am a former Consultant, and will eventually become an Advisor….. after I get through more of my stock piled goods!

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  8. CM had a huge following group in my Michigan neighborhood and really sad when it went down and out. I still have supplies that I stocked up on, but am thrilled you are back. And I love the new products, border maker especially. Wishing CM a good and profitable future !

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  9. Love, love, love the new business model which supports the hobbyist who wants to get their products at a discount but has the flexibility to enable a thriving business for those who decide to pursue it as a business. I love watching my team grow and make consistent sales records because they do it because they can…not because they are chasing artificial minimums. The products rock from month to month and the support from corporate is unmatched by an home based company of any type. Can’t say how glad I am to be part of this new company!!!

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  10. I am so glad, too, that CM is back. There are no better cutting systems that I’ve found! And, I am impressed with the new products coming out–from the papers to tools. Wishing you the best CM!

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  11. CM has always been the best in the business! No other company can match the quality of their products. Thank you and bless you, Caleb, for resurrecting CM and guiding it back into all of our lives. Thank you, also, to my wonderful consultant/advisor for standing by the company all these years and continuing to support her “family” of friends and customers. God bless you all and here’s to a long, continued success!

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  12. You’ve been a part of my life for nearly 20 years, and I am forever grateful for that! Beyond helping me preserve memories in the best albums, you have shaped me into a better person and have allowed me to do things I never would have imagined. I have learned skills that I have used in every aspect of life. Thank you for all you do and for continuing to provide us with the best products anywhere. I still get excited when my CM packages arrive!

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  13. Hello, i´m from Germany. I´m a former Consultant too. Please dont forget our Limal Shop, where we get some of the Creative Memories Produkts. There are no more Pages an Protectors in the Shop . And we need other Papers and Album Covers.
    Kindly regards Barbara Pförtner

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  14. Thank you Caleb! I am one of those that bought up a lot of CM products, especially the cardstock, I love it. Even though I have plenty of albums, refills etc. I can’t help myself purchasing more. The themes, colors and everything is too good to miss. And the border makers and punches are wonderful.


  15. I’m confused by the numbers mentioned. In the picture at the top it says 10,000 and counting, but in the article it says 1,100.
    In the former CM’s heyday, it was more than 10,000, right? Not 1,100.
    How many Advisors do we have today?


  16. I have been a loyal customer/consultant/advisor since 2000 and, thanks to Caleb, hope to continue for a long, long time. Cannot live without the scraphinge albums!


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